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Today, in hope is maybe the best of things

I’ll take whatever I can get from him.


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Your 11.4.20 Playpen

I assume y’all want to bloviate about the election results today, so indulge yourselves in the comments.


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To know them is to love them

When it comes to college athletes’ NIL rights and how allowing those would impact college athletic departments, the Southern Conference is out of fucks to give.

While some conference commissioners strongly expressed that their conferences were against athletes being compensated for their NIL rights, several of their peers took the opposite approach.

The Southern Conference, whose memo wasn’t signed by one individual and which may have been the transcription of multiple perspectives from throughout the conference, proved to be an unexpected messenger of some of the most liberal NIL viewpoints of any conference.

In regards to a question about the demarcation between collegiate and professional sports, the Southern Conference’s memo stated, “Everything outside of paying student-athletes is already professional at the Power 5 level.”

Another line in the memo read, “By paying student-athletes we will finally admit that we are pro sports.”

When asked how NIL rights meshed with the values and principles of college athletics, the Southern Conference’s response noted how schools and their coaches have already profited off the NIL of athletes.

“Given how institutions and coaches have profited from the NIL of student-athletes,” the memo stated, “there is conflict with values and principles already. It’s why we are in this conundrum.”

Another bullet point from the Southern Conference went one step further, when asked about the values and principles of college athletics.

“What values and principles?” the memo stated. “They are ever-changing. The organization would probably change their principles to accommodate NIL legislation.”

“What values and principles?”  Dayum, that’s cold.  But true.




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Random data points

Came across a few stats yesterday I thought I’d share with you guys.

First, about that Alabama is Florida thing, those offenses are different in how they challenge a defense.  Mullen doesn’t attack as much deep as does Sark; instead, it’s about getting mismatches, throwing quick and short and letting the receivers do the work after the catch.  That puts a premium on a pass defense to tackle well.  Fortunately…

Now, here’s a stat that’s probably not as impressive as it looks.

Stetson digs the deep ball.  Unfortunately, as we’ve seen repeatedly, that sometimes comes at the expense of taking the easy completion.

And somebody in the comments yesterday made mention of wide receiver as a position where Georgia doesn’t do development well.  Allow me to retort.


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Musical palate cleanser, quasi-collaboration edition

How ’bout a little Zevon to get your day started?

From Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School, this is a song that Bruce Springsteen started (sorta) and Warren finished.  The live version below kills the album one.


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