Gary Danielson’s quick Cocktail Party take

I think that’s Gary’s polite way of saying it’s on Todd Grantham.


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  1. Derek

    My keys:


    Chunk plays.

    TDs or FG’s?

    The team that protects the ball, gets/prevents big plays, and gets 6 when in scoring position wins.

    Key players: Azeez and our RB’s. Time for them to go all Tim Worley and Keith Henderson on that ass!

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    • munsonlarryfkajim

      Spot on


    • “The team that protects the ball, gets/prevents big plays, and gets 6 when in scoring position wins.” Nice analysis genius. That is the key to every football game ever played. LMAO.


      • Derek

        Thanks. I just see the game not being about extending offensive series as Gary says, but getting value out of them. I see a difference between the two. One presupposes long drives. Mine presupposes 3 to 5 scoring opportunities per team. In that respect my factors are meaningful and different.


    • classiccitycanine

      I’d add health to that list but otherwise I agree.


  2. I love our defense against MuLLLet and his offense. Tras[h] may make me regret that tomorrow, but I don’t think he has the weapons around him that Mac Jones had.

    Team that can run the ball more effectively wins (as it usually does in Jacksonville). That will be the Dawgs late tomorrow afternoon.

    Of course, all of this assumes no bonehead turnovers that tilt field position against us.

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  3. TripleB

    Third downs may not be as hard to scheme for Florida as far as quarterback goes, Bennett has limitations. However, Monken is an improvement imo so maybe he can keep us in an advantage in that category.


  4. Spell Dawg

    Mike Griffith is junk, yes?

    I started listening to the Bill King SEC podcast last year, not a fan, and his Georgia guy Griffith usually leaves me wondering how he’s the “Georgia” guy.


  5. akascuba

    Did he call Tony Barnhart for that insight. Why not add whoever wins the turn over battle.
    IMO Grantham will try to take the run away, try to keep Bennett inside the pocket so his passes can be batted down or tipped up. Its up to Monken to counter and make him pay for loading the box. Grantham has been burned so many times on 3rd down I expect he`ll try early not to send the house and instead play man coverage forcing Bennett to beat him.

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  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    Last year’s formula. Great research Gary.


  7. armydawg

    Give them looks on defense that force them to change the play and sow confusion like last year when they burned time-outs early. Remember, gators only have 2 active brain cells: force them into information overload.

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  8. theotherdoug

    UGA needs somebody to step up on offense because what took the field against UK won’t get us over 20 points. It might be Pickens or Jackson catch everything, Bennett gets hot, or the OL road grades, but it’s gotta be something extra.


  9. siskey

    Great article on Hines Ward on The Athletic.


  10. atticus34

    My key: College football sucks. Two teams, two really good coaches, possibly three. The rest suck. Everyone else is pretending. Their coaches suck. No chance. Haves and have nots.


  11. RangerRuss

    Damn, Sunshine. Somebody must have pissed in your beer. Be of good cheer. UGA will soon be one of those two, possibly three programs if they’re not already there. It’s all coming up Dawgs!


    • atticus34

      Three teams have great rosters and elite QBs. One does not. One will not. Facts are facts.


      • RangerRuss

        “One will not.” That remains to be seen. I have faith that CKS will have a great QB leading the Dawgs O soon. Maybe not this year but next year for sure. Shiiiiiit man, maybe tomorrow. Keep your head up, buddy. Psyops only works on those who are already feeling a bit defeated.

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  12. I look forward to hearing Gary and Brad on the call.



  13. vernefundquist

    Rumor bubbling that Pickens didn’t travel with team. Unconfirmed as of yet, but just some angst to throw into our Friday evening.


    • rigger92

      Nice handle, rumor mill is heartbreaking. This will be a long, hard, annebriated day. I’m going to just cut grass and wash cars until game time. Christ.


  14. I think we have to have success running the ball. Like 175 ish yards.

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  15. Get ready for the Manball Express. Departure 3:30pm Eastern, from CBS Station.