Pitted against Pitts

Something I did not know:

But the Bulldogs’ may have a secret weapon against Pitts. Georgia nickel back Mark Webb, who likely will draw Pitts more than any other defender, grew up playing rec ball and training with Pitts in Warminster, Pa., where they both attended Archbishop Wood Academy.

“It’s just crazy the improvement he’s gone through to now,” Webb said. “I remember when he couldn’t catch a cold. Now he catches everything that comes to him. It’s crazy to see him blossom, and I love that for him.”

But Webb made it clear he won’t love it for Pitts on Saturday.

It’s gonna take more than that to shut Pitts down, Mark.


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7 responses to “Pitted against Pitts

  1. Derek

    I think Tyrique is the perfect guy for the match up vs. Pitts.


    • TEXBaller

      Gonna take a speedy/athletic LB — #25


    • What is the update on Tyrique? He was banged up in the last game wasn’t he? I assume you were referring to #7 Stevenson?


      • Derek

        Yes. I thought Kirby said Monday he was fine.

        I’ve seen #7 really be aggressive in man coverage vs. TE’s. He may not be lb size but he’s a BIG db and plays bigger. Personally, I think he’s the perfect guy to frustrate and neutralize Pitts, if anyone can. If dude is gronk v.2 just tip your cap.

        Where 7 struggles is when he gets matched up vs. a fast guy in the slot. Thats ugly. He’s much better vs. rbs and tes.

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  2. akascuba

    Very happy to hear it`s personal for him too.

    Just like his coach #FTMF!

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  3. theotherdoug

    What? The AJC wrote something interesting? Damn!


  4. If pitts gets bombs, and we grind. Its gonna be a strange game