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When you have no quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks.

That’s the end of the wisdom of “defense wins championships”.

Or at least it should be.


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Today’s genius take


Lack of a bye week favors Florida? Tell that to Steve Spurrier.



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Stuck in the middle with me

You, an optimist:

The Dawgs have played ball control and killed the clock the last two years against Florida. On Saturday we are going to see the same thing. Georgia will run the ball well, and Stetson Bennett will do enough with his arm to keep the Florida defense loose. The UGA offensive line is going to control this game, and Bennett will only have to throw 16-18 times. Many of those throws will come off play-action, and Monken will dial up a couple of creative plays to get guys open deep. Long drives by UGA will be like body blows to the Gators, and their cumulative effect will be to keep Trask and Co. from finding a rhythm.

Florida’s high-powered offense will have some drives, but Georgia’s red-zone defense will force field-goals instead of touchdowns. Georgia’s pass rushers will camp out in the backfield all day, and much like last year, early struggles will cause Dan Mullen to abandon his rushing attack. The Bulldog secondary will rally around the absence of LeCounte and come out with something to prove after what happened in Tuscaloosa.

Georgia 31 – Florida 20

You, a pessimist:

Unfortunately, I think that is a lot that must go right and no matter how well our defense plays, it may not be enough to make up for possible stagnation on offense. I think this is one of the games in the SEC where you will need a dynamic QB to win it and unfortunately, I do not think Georgia has that right now. It pains me to say it, but I think this one is tough…Florida 27 Georgia 23

Me, scrounging around somewhere in between:  Stetson, if you don’t turn the ball over, your team has a decent shot of winning the effing game.


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Somebody better step up.

Yeah, I didn’t need to read that.




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Return to normalcy

This restores my faith in humankind.

Priorities, bitchez.


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