SEC Power Poll, Week 7


The SEC East is devolving before our very eyes from somewhat mediocre to outright awful.  Part of that is because former Saban assistants had one shitty week this week.

No doubt Jimmy Sexton’s on the mother.

  1. Alabama.  Is it possible for the number one team to get a bye week bounce?  Asking for a jealous friend…
  2. Texas A&M.  Gee, that Florida win looks even better now.
  3. Florida.  Ain’t no gap now.
  4. Georgia.  2020 is officially a throwaway season, Dawg fans.
  5. Auburn.  This is about as good as it gets for the Gus Bus.
  6. Arkansas.  I’m back on the Sam Pittman for SEC Coach of the Year wagon again.
  7. Kentucky.  Didn’t play and suffered a bye week drop for it.
  8. LSU. Ditto.
  9. Ole Miss.  Hosting a reeling South Carolina team this week, so look for Junior to notch another win.
  10. Missouri.  If any team deserves a bye week bounce, it’s this one, considering what comes below.
  11. Tennessee.  The Vols have three ranked teams left on the schedule.  It’s not Phil Fulmer’s November anymore.
  12. South Carolina.  The wheels have come off the wagon so fast that you actually have to wonder if the ‘Cocks are seriously considering firing Boom and having to pay that buyout.
  13. Mississippi State.  Hey, the offense scored!
  14. Vanderbilt.  They outgained MSU by 275 yards and lost.  That’s so Vandy.


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14 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 7

  1. J.R. Clark

    Sack Liner is looking at Coastal Carolina head coach Jamey Chadwell. He’s got a good thing going right now with an undefeated team. Even though Sack Liner is an SEC team, it would be a career killer for him to take that job.


  2. Scotty King

    Maybe Sam Pittman was more important than we thought!


  3. Scotty King

    Meaning he is a great recruiter….. and can coach.

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  4. Well, at least if you’re going to have a throw-away season, throw it away in the year of COVID. That’s what I say.

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  5. The Hillbillies are staring down the barrel of 3-7 now (maybe 2-8 if Vandy put everything together in one day – seriously doubt it), and Phat Phil signs the Orangeneck to a raise and extension right before they hit the skids starting with our beatdown. That Sexton guy can work wonders.


    • Russ

      Geez, I read the transcript of Pruitt’s presser after their loss. They printed it verbatim and he really is borderline illiterate. I thought the asparagus thing was a gag, but I’m pretty sure all this guy knows is football x’s and o’s.

      In other words, he’s the perfect representative for the University of Tennessee.



    Over Throw Season for sure.

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  7. This season has felt like a bullshit throwaway season from the get go. It is just not nearly as interesting as a normal year. Anything other than the Dawgs or select SEC games, I don’t even pay attention to as it all seems like a glorified scrimmage with the lame atmosphere and corona rules .
    Even if we actually got some sort of ring this year, i don’t think it would have felt the same to the average fan.


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    Top 3
    Next 3



    I’m glad we played AU early as we did. Not sure we would beat them now.

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  10. Greg

    After the team I watched this past Saturday… the Dawgs somewhere in between Vandy & Mississippi State.