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Will Muschamp, a fine judge of character

Oy, Boom.  Just oy.

He hates what Durkin went through at Maryland?  Yeah, if you don’t count the dead kid, it was a real bitch.

Is Agent Muschamp trying to get fired?


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“… and I have no doubt other schools will say this is a good thing…”

“This” being what?

New Mexico State University on Wednesday unveiled its own officially licensed whiskey, making it the first college to do so as schools across the U.S. try to create new revenue streams amid shrinking higher education budgets.

Pistol Pete’s Six-Shooter whiskey expands on the university’s brand building effort, which started several years ago with a golden ale crafted by one of the state’s largest brewing operations. Last month, the school added a signature wine developed by vintners with deep New Mexico roots.

It’s a good thing, ’cause money.

The university has worked on the whiskey project with Dry Point Distillers for about six months with the help of marketing professors and students sworn to secrecy. For Chris Schaefer, an owner of the distillery and an Aggie alumni, it was more than a chance to fuel his passion for whiskey.

“It’s throwing us a lifeline because with the pandemic bar sales are down,” he said. “To be able to add a product to our package wholesale liquor line, something with the backing of New Mexico State University and the notoriety of that and to tie in the trifecta of the beer and the wine and now to have the whiskey, I think is going to be very beneficial.”

Just don’t let college athletes in on it.  That would be violate the spirit the sacred academic mission surrounding collegiate sports, you know.



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No football for you, either.

Had a feeling this was coming:

Before you ask, Mizzou already has a rescheduled game for December 12, so the only way this gets a second shot would be for December 19, which, again, seems pretty lame.


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“We wasn’t close enough I didn’t feel like.”

Man, just inject this header directly into my veins.


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About the running game last Saturday…

The glow from one absolutely brilliant play to start off the game slowly faded as the game went on.

I see a lot of complaining about Monken abandoning the run game again, but the simple truth is that once Bennett started misfiring, Todd Grantham, the most predictable college defensive coordinator I’m familiar with, simply played run over pass the rest of the day.

Hell, watch that clip and you’ll see both safeties less than ten yards off the line of scrimmage on plays.  Monken tried, but Georgia’s quarterbacks couldn’t make Grantham pay for it.


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Your 11.11.20 Playpen

Tired:  Republican operatives promoting a Kanye West run for President as a means of peeling votes away from Joe Biden.


After all those years of voting Libertarian, this may be the first time I’ve witnessed the LP have a meaningful impact on the outcome of a presidential election.

Also, lest we forget, this.

And with that, the floor is yours.


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Happy anniversary, dirt bag

If anybody deserved this, it’s Bobby Petrino.


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It’s his time, or is it?

Here we go.


Especially if the Missouri game gets cancelled because of COVID.  How Georgia would it be for that to happen and Bennett to reclaim the first team reps next week?


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Then play on

Yeah, this is going well.

Meaningless games on December 19th?  That’s bordering on the farcical.  Or at least it would be if subsequent events don’t overtake this.

COVID don’t care about your feelings, Greg Sankey.


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