About the running game last Saturday…

The glow from one absolutely brilliant play to start off the game slowly faded as the game went on.

I see a lot of complaining about Monken abandoning the run game again, but the simple truth is that once Bennett started misfiring, Todd Grantham, the most predictable college defensive coordinator I’m familiar with, simply played run over pass the rest of the day.

Hell, watch that clip and you’ll see both safeties less than ten yards off the line of scrimmage on plays.  Monken tried, but Georgia’s quarterbacks couldn’t make Grantham pay for it.


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  1. gastr1

    If you believe in “taking what the defense gives you,” passing against this d –and passing deep– was the obvious choice. The problem is, if what the defense gives you is something you can’t actually execute, then what do you do? You run the ball into a loaded box, face third and long too often, get complaints about not taking what the defense is giving you.

    Two seasons now of this offensive ineptitude.

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    • jsteph1967

      The thing is, we were taking what they were giving us. But we could not complete a pass to save our lives. There were people running free all night. If we had Fromm or Fields this year, I firmly believe we would be undefeated. But maybe this lets Kirby know you have to have a good QB. He does not have to be great, but he has to be good.


  2. Reminded me of the ’92 game, when Frank Harvey broke loose for a long TD early but not much after that.

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  3. akascuba

    Given what Monken had to work with and to be very clear was QB’s that would be luckily to hit water from a boat. I think he did a great job. How quickly many forget it was 14-0 for the good guys till Bennett got hurt.
    I sure hope Monken stays for 2021 he is the real deal.


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Wouldn’t some RPO calls have worked? Asking for a friend who sees both SB and Mathis have some wheels.

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  5. yes. correct. thank you. Right. Check.


  6. We couldn’t pass so of course running was going to be difficult. Florida got more aggressive as the game went on, too. Our WRs have been getting open but we are actually BAD at QB. The real salt in the wound for me is seeing two former Georgia high school QBs projected as #1 and #2 in the NFL draft.


    • ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

      Iptay outbid us for goldilocks
      We got Fields but he headed out when he didn’t get the starting job…but we made another run when he “randomly” appeared at a practice. All we did was get Fields sr. a boost to their current buckeye contract.


      • I’m still curious what that whole thing was about. Was there actually talk of him returning since his conference seemed like it wasn’t going to play? Or was it some kind of “no hard feelings” thing?


  7. 86bone

    A fast pissing horse don’t always finish the race!


  8. Jim Cook

    Any defensive coordinator worth his salt would play Georgia to stop the run And make Kirby’s quarterback choice win the game.

    Even Grantham could see this.

    If Kirby continues to insist on choosing the quarterback Monken has to use, anyone care to bet how quick Monken bails once his contract is up?