“We wasn’t close enough I didn’t feel like.”

Man, just inject this header directly into my veins.


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20 responses to ““We wasn’t close enough I didn’t feel like.”

  1. spur21

    Tick tick tick is the sound coming out of Tenn and Fat Phil is holding the source of the tick tick tick.


  2. akascuba

    I’m so happy to hear things are back to normal on rocky top. To sum up the state of vol football. It’s a SNAFU.
    To think there were those that wanted him as our coach.



    We’re better than most of the shitty teams in the East..so that’s nice.

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  4. MagnusDawgus

    Ungrateful Vol fans, they have forgotten all about the epic Tax Slayer Bowl win over Indiana.

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  5. Jimmy Sexton is a wizard for getting his client an extension and bigger buyout just in time before things went south in eastern Tennessee.

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  6. 79dawg

    Can’t remember the poster from a few weeks ago who theorized that Jeremy’s extension was a stalking horse for Fulmer to be able to come back in and essentially say, “After paying that buyout, I’m the only guy you can afford…” – looking more and more correct with each passing day!


  7. Godawg

    He is so illiterate and I’d be embarrassed to let him speak to the media if he were my coach but, I guess he fits right in on Rocky Top…

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    Saturday’s game postponed, players/coaches/staff members dropping like flies.


  9. Well…THAT branch off of the Saban Coaching Tree sure ain’t gonna be the one to end the winless streak against the former boss!


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    How in this day and age was an illiterate redneck like Jeremy Pruitt hired to be the face of a major college football program? The guy may be football smart, but in everything else he’s as dumb as a bag of hammers, and you know what? That’s an insult to the hammers.

    He made it into his late 20’s without knowing what asparagus is. I mean, that’s just the dumbest kind of ignorant Alabamian stereotype there ever could be.

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  11. armydawg

    If mushmouth gets canned, Saban will immediately rehire him as DC.


  12. stoopnagle



  13. bigjohnson1992

    Tennessee caught lightning in a bottle many years ago with Peyton and Tee. Their arrogance about their proper place in the SEC is astounding. Was a student in Athens when they fired Majors in his hospital bed, after a heart attack. I was 20 years old then?, and couldn’t freaking believe the palace coup that Fat Phil orchestrated. I’ve hated those low-class hillbillies ever since. Been to a lot of Dawg games there, the coed girls are hot, that’s the best and only good thing I can say about Knoxville and UT.