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On the fly

This makes sense.

It also tells you how much the networks want product, that they’ll put up with this much uncertainty, and probably gladly.



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The greatest sports analogy of my lifetime




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Checkers vs. Chess

Gad, it pains me to post this.

I had another tweet of Rodgers I was going to post, but for some reason, he took it down last night.  It showed how Mullen took some of Sarkisian’s play designs — particularly motion — to break down Georgia’s pass coverage.

Which is why we saw this…

Kirbs, you gotta fix this, and fast.


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“All you administrators preach education, but you vote money.”

Oh, the irony of John Thompson’s posthumous quote serving as college athletics’ epitaph:

The N.C.A.A. is run by universities, so it has a conflict of interest between education and money. We all know how that conflict turns out.

It’s not really a conflict.  Money won.


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If you have some time to kill, Tony was gracious enough to invite me on a special edition of Waitin’ Since Last Saturday to talk a little Georgia football in the wake of the Cocktail Party loss.

I had fun yacking (probably more fun than you’ll have listening).


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“… the safety of amateur athletes to protect them against exploitation.”

Today, in doing it for the kids:

An NCAA official voiced concern Thursday over sports betting on the performance of individual student-athletes and suggested that gambling regulators consider restrictions on such wagers to protect the integrity of the games.

Speaking at the Sports Betting USA 2020 online seminar, Naima Stevenson-Starks, the NCAA’s vice president for law, policy and governance, expressed concern about prop bets involving college athletes. This type of bet concerns whether a player will or won’t surpass a certain threshold during a game, like whether a quarterback will throw three touchdowns or whether a running back will rush for 100 yards.

“Unlike the professional leagues, we are now talking about student-athletes attending class with people who may be betting on their efforts on the field or the court,” Stevenson-Starks said. “That’s a concern. If you can think about missing a field goal or a free throw that might make the difference in a result, that’s not the most settling thought.”

I might take her concern more seriously if it weren’t for her member institutions making deals “centered around education”.


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Contingency planning

You know, as shitty as 2020 has been, it still has a chance to redeem itself, if only partially ($$).

The same person and another person with direct knowledge of the matter told The Athletic that the FBS commissioners have also been asked to figure out how they will determine their conference champion if their league championship game cannot be played.

Florida wins the East and still gets shut out of the SECCG and a chance to play in the CFP?


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