TFW you’re in it for the money

This is great.

Eight Tennessee football staff members rejected pay cuts that were proposed by the athletic department to help combat financial losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to documents obtained by Knox News via a public records request.

The eight staff members are the only athletic department employees who were asked to accept a pay cut and declined, records show.

Wide receivers coach Tee Martin and running backs coach Jay Graham are the only football assistants who have accepted pay cuts.

Declining pay cuts were:

  • Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney
  • Defensive coordinator Derrick Ansley
  • Offensive line coach Will Friend
  • Quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke
  • Inside linebackers coach Brian Niedermeyer
  • Outside linebackers coach Shelton Felton
  • Tight ends coach Joe Osovet
  • Strength and conditioning coach A.J. Artis

Tennessee’s athletic department expects a $40 million loss in revenue during this fiscal year, largely because of a pandemic-induced reduction in football revenue.

Vol fans are pissed at Chaney, in particular, about this, but what did they expect when UT basically hired him away from Smart’s staff by throwing money at him?  Mercenaries don’t work on the cheap, even in the tough times.


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19 responses to “TFW you’re in it for the money

  1. Biggen

    Eh. I mean, of course none of those guys are worth what they are paying them but a contract is a contract. I don’t fault them for not taking a pay cut.

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  2. Greg

    I’m sure they will remember those that refused. That is how they roll….


  3. “Football assistants remain eligible for bonuses, although much of their incentive structure is a moot point considering the team’s performance.”

    I wonder if any of them thought that during negotiations. I mean, it had to at least cross someone’s mind that he would never see a bonus for team success, right?

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  4. Muttley

    They should be collecting their salaries from their opponents. Maybe pass a tip jar around the stands.

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  5. Granthams Replacement

    UT manages contracts the way Mcgarity manages PR.

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  6. akascuba

    I think they are doing a great job. Fearless leader Fulmer should fire himself is how I would feel if I were a vol fan. Blessed that I’m not. I recommend Fulmer offer all of them contract extensions. It would be a terrible shame (for opponents of UT) to break up all that talent he has assembled.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    “Vol fans are pissed at Chaney, in particular,…”

    That’s funny. They fired Cheney once before. The only reason he took the OC job again was for the $$. Everyone except those rubes understood his days under Kirby were numbered.

    Can’t say I blame the coaches. My sympathy is for all the other staff who have little choice but to accept whatever the school demands. utk will find the money somewhere else. Jimmy Haslem has plenty of money to blow.


  8. Teacher Martin

    The question is did Phat Phil take a pay cut?

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    • Anon

      If you read the article….Fulmer too the largest pay cut by percentage

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      • Down Island Way

        That’s part of doughnut hole phils master plan, what appears to be a pay cut for the ut ad, is really an increase (through the extension given the current ut hc) when he takes over the ut hc football position really sooooooon….


  9. But Tennessee fans told me that he went to Tennessee because it was a better program and home.


  10. barneydawg

    Coach Richt paid assistants out of his own pocket years ago. HC Jeremy Beldar Conehead could make pay the difference to his Assistants out of his grossly overpaid salary, if he wanted to.

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  11. Dawg19

    Those coaches obviously don’t have 5-star hearts.

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  12. originaluglydawg



  13. bigjohnson1992

    We gave everyone covid raises! Results may vary. I wouldn’t renegotiate a contract either. The state of Tennessee has more than me. A deal is a deal.