Same as it ever was.

Every once in a while, I find little surprises when I check the blog’s data.  There’s one this morning, in that right now, this is the most read post on the blog today.  Talk about your golden oldie!

The question, is why, of course.  And the answer can be found here.

♦ Oregon State was driving to take a fourth-quarter lead when it ran a third down and 1 play inside the Huskies’ 5-yard line. The Beavers appeared to make the first down. The spot looked short and bad. OSU then ran a fourth and 1 play, and again appeared to make the first down. The spot again looked bad (See: Jon Wilner tweet with photos). UW took over on downs. It was a game-changing sequence.

♦ The Beavers’ game vs. Washington kicked off at 8 p.m. on FS1. It was apparent in watching the game that the television crew had a limited number of camera angles. I’ve been in the Centralized Command Center in San Francisco on game day. It’s an impressive set-up. But what surprised me was learning how inconsistent the number of cameras was from Pac-12 game to game.

Mike Ortiz, the conference’s senior director of video operations, showed me a dozen angles in one Pac-12 stadium that day and only six on another, for example. Six is the minimum number of cameras for any conference game.

Guess how many were at Husky Stadium on Saturday night?

Answer: six.

Here’s Wilner’s tweet:

It’s a bad call, and it had an impact on the game.

Give Larry Scott credit for this, at least — he’s upholding the Pac-12’s long tradition of being the shittiest officiated P5 conference.  (That’s saying a lot, too.)  It’s your Pac-12 point of pride.


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5 responses to “Same as it ever was.

  1. ASEF

    This why it looks for all the world like the P12 has some stripes with some skin in the game.

    When you combine inept officiating with a “nothing to see here!” management attitude, you get game-turning calls that are obviously wrong.

    I guarantee you that officials know which games have what camera placements and where their plausible deniability – and hence impunity – lies.

    This isn’t going to be a problem for college football until it’s a crisis. Probably thanks to a FBI investigation somewhere along the way.


  2. theorginaldawgabides

    There’s way too much money involved in the sport now to rely on some insurance agent from Birmingham working his weekend gig. A step toward power five autonomy would be to eliminate conference referees and create one central body responsible for officiating. Assignments could be broken down into regions to reduce travel.

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  3. Give Larry Scott credit for this, at least — he’s upholding the Pac-12’s long tradition of being the shittiest officiated P5 conference….

    The fine officials of the SEC take great umbrage at this slight. They strongly maintain that they are the kings of poor officiating, thank you!


  4. rigger92

    Thanks senator, now ive got that bass line stuck in my head.


  5. otto1980

    The PAC has long had the worst refs. If you can find the Ducked video on youtube I believe it showed more bad calls in the closing minutes of the game.