The (triumphant?) return of George Pickens

For three sentences, there’s a lot to unpack in this quote:

“George practiced last week,” coach Kirby Smart said Monday. “I think he is going to be able to play. Thought he was going to be able to play last week.”

If he’d said “assume” instead of “thought”, I could have come back with the snark about what happens when you assume.  Instead, we’ll just note that Kirbs sounds a mite bit frustrated there.

I don’t know what the story is there, but there’s little doubt this team could have used George’s services against Florida, assuming there was a quarterback who was able to throw something in his general vicinity.

Oops, there’s that “assume” again.



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12 responses to “The (triumphant?) return of George Pickens

  1. Ran A

    Pretty sure that starting next spring you’ll be able to transfer one time without having to sit out. If Georgia doesn’t start finding ways to get the ball to this kid, he’ll be playing at Alabama next year. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame him.

    For whatever reason, Bennett seem to come off of Pickens awfully fast, looking for other receivers.

    My guess? J.T. Daniels is going to look for him. One advantage of watching and then seeing film is that you can see what is happening, who is open and who isn’t. The other guys that I think will benefit from Daniels playing? Tight end group. Daniels is 6’2″, making him 3 to 4 inches taller than Bennett; I think we’ll actually be to throw over the middle with a little more confidence that the ball will not be batted down.

    We’ll see…


    • I hope you’re right, but I won’t believe it until he jogs out on the Sanford sod on the first possession.

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      • Got Cowdog

        Well, this is just fucking great.
        I had this weekend off from UGA football with the rut going full bore and and a Cowdog Christmas List of fun things to do at the farm, AND perfect weather. Instead I spent the weekend drooling on a pillow with what turned out to be the flu.
        Now I have to decide if I want to watch and see who Kirby trots out as QB and if it is Daniels? What’s he gonna show? Or get back outside and make up for lost time.
        Fuckin’ 2020 man….

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  2. I noted his 3 receptions per game through the Bama game and immediately thought of him transferring. He’s had this mysterious pectoral injury but was going to be “fine” before Kentucky. He hasn’t played since. It sounds like we have an inmate running the asylum. Wth is Kirby doing?


    • Dawg in Austin

      Clearly you haven’t received the decoder ring for Kirby’s presser comments on player injuries. I’ll have one shipped to you this week.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Get Pickens back and get the ball to him. He’s a terrific, game-changing WR and we desperately need him. Just stating the obvious.

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  4. stoopnagle

    All this time people told me he was the next AJ Green, but I saw AJ Green play (every game, sometimes hurt, without acting like an ass) and he’s no AJ Green.

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    • Down Island Way

      George isn’t feeling CKS’s pain or George might be saying “look at me, I’m more important than you thought, so I’ll sit a few games for ya”….


  5. By “last game” did Kirby mean the Mizzou game that was canceled / postponed, or the UF game?

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  6. 69Dawg

    Monkin has schemed him into single coverage and SBIV still doesn’t throw to him enough. Except for Jackson and George, Kirby hasn’t been exactly lights out in his WR recruiting. Our TE’s are great blockers but they have hands of stone.