Money talks

Kirbs is just sayin’.

The upcoming portion of Georgia’s football schedule is far more opt-out row than murderers’ row.

Mississippi State, South Carolina and Vanderbilt are the next three tests for the No. 13 Bulldogs, and all three of those programs have been ravaged by players choosing to punt the remainder of this coronavirus-altered season. Gamecocks cornerbacks Jaycee Horn and Israel Mukuamu announced their decisions to opt out Tuesday, with Mukuamu having intercepted three Jake Fromm passes in South Carolina’s 20-17 double-overtime upset of Georgia last season in Sanford Stadium.

Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart questioned some of these moves following Tuesday’s practice.

“I think it will be measured when they get to the next level,” Smart said. “Some pundit or critic would say, ‘That’s easy for you to say. They need to worry about their NFL careers,’ but I’ve learned that those NFL careers are not for long, especially for guys who aren’t first-rounders.

“If you’ve got a bona fide first-rounder, that’s a completely different subject, but that’s not the case in a lot of these opt-outs.”

“Our kids care about each other, and they want to win,” he said. “They want to have a productive season. At the end of the day, they want to improve their draft stock. How does it really look to opt out to train and not play? All of the general managers we talk to are going to talk about that.

“What are they working out for? We don’t know if there is going to be a combine or a pro day. What we know is that we play Mississippi State on Saturday, and that’s a showcase to go do what you can do.”

I’m just spitballing here, but what if kids who aren’t likely first round picks had some kind of real financial incentive to remain in school instead of being tempted by the bright lights of the NFL?


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16 responses to “Money talks

  1. My only question about LeCounte is whether he’s going to be cleared to play before season’s end.

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    • Russ

      Agreed. I don’t know the extent of his injuries but it sounded pretty serious. I guess he could be ready for bowl season.

      Speaking of which, saw an early projection that had us playing Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl. I want no part of playing a pissed-off Power 5 team with the team we have this year. No win situation for sure.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Sounds to me like if Monsieur LeCounte le troisième can play, he is going to play.


  3. Down Island Way

    Always thought that some student athletes (not all) took a cut in pay to attempt the next level jump…

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  4. Scotty King

    I see those UGA Language classes are really paying off.


  5. TEXBaller

    LeCounte, a major baller & gtd 1st rounder, doing/saying the right thing. Hoping dude is still on the board when my Cowboys draft – needing secondary help badly.

    Reading tween the lines, Kirby hinting at Horn/Mukaumu NOT 1st round talent. Hoping my Boys pass.


  6. spur21

    Anything below a 3rd round pick should probably stay. That being said we have a family friend that went undrafted but still had a very solid 14 year career – named all pro 6 times and played on a Super Bowl winning team.

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  7. MGW

    You mean like an endorsement deal which requires the player to actually… play football… to get paid in full?



    Look at Fromm’s contract…no way they could come close to that amount for some of these kids..


  9. classiccitycanine

    Roquan supposedly wrestled hard with leaving early versus staying at UGA and he was a top-10 pick. If he was already making money, he might have stayed. We might very well have beaten Alabama if he had stayed…

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    So Kirby is saying UGA will shell out insurance $$ if a player has a Rosemy-Jacksaint type injury in these last few games that delays or prevents a professional shot?


  11. bigjohnson1992

    Wonder if he’s retired the dirt bike…..