From the “for what it’s worth” department…

Breaking news from **checks notes** an writer:

Maybe I’ve missed something, but I’ve yet to see anything similar coming from a Georgia beat writer.  Interesting, maybe.


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  1. armydawg

    I hope his sources are accurate. It’s about time! He’s the only one who makes sense if this turns into a shootout. If the defense can cobble together a decent showing with enough healthy bodies I like our chances to win and look decent doing it, although I’m not too sure about covering a 22.5 point spread. I definitely want to see JT’s arm but more interested in seeing a good performance from the defense and running game.


  2. mwodieseldawg

    What are the odds he starts, lights it up, and continues to do so through whatever games UGA gets to play to finish the season? Then he goes pro at the end of the year.


    • armydawg

      Not good in my opinion. Too small a sample against what are considered weaker teams. If your scenario plays out we have him for at least one more season before he goes pro.

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    • borderdawg

      Probably not the best business decision for him. Lawrence, Fields, Jones, Trask, and others (assuming all go pro) would be ranked ahead of him. Light it up next year again, and he could be a top 5 pick in NFL draft

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  3. Down Island Way

    UGA campus has been infiltrated by spy’s from the west, they’ve burrowed around like the belly draggers they are, with such confusion now at bm over who the starting QB, every man, woman and child (Dawgs included) should take a “shot” (your choice) against the head “pirate” from miss state…send them back to starkvegas with a big fat “L” on their foreheads….

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  4. Bay Area Dawg

    I would think there is a 10% chance that could happen. I would think as a QB you would want to stay another year and come out next year after Lawrence and Fields are gone.

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  5. Kevin’s Missing Pinky

    We have one of the worst press corps of any major college football program. None of them really press the head man with any hard questions. Occasionally the guys from Rivals and 247 will actually dig a little (probably because their paid subscribers demand it), but you can expect a lot of vanilla from just about everyone else. Overall, it’s a very unimpressive lot, and I’m not shocked that someone other than our idiots array of reporters broke the story.


    • So, you think he broke the story by asking Kirby a hard question that nobody else would ask — who’s starting Saturday?

      Sure, that could happen.


      • Kevin’s Missing Pinky

        No. Just complaining in general. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if an outsider was able to cultivate better sources than our soft press corps.


        • Jesus, dude, you realize my post was sarcastic, right?

          Read that tweet: “Sources” “is expected to start”.

          He isn’t saying shit there. And the beat writers have been reporting that Daniels has been getting first team reps the past week. Basically, he’s just spinning what they’ve been reporting.

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  6. mg4life0331

    Hell yeah! We got Doc Holliday ready to recite Latin and twirl his tea cup.


  7. originaluglydawg

    “Sources” say….he’s “expected” to start.
    Expected by whom? The sources? The fans? The coaches?
    Somebody is always expecting.
    What you have here is a writer taking a pretty safe bet hoping he’ll get credit for breaking the obvious while leaving himself wiggle room if he’s wrong.
    This is like saying a hurricane in the gulf will make landfall somewhere. You can crow about your insight or sources but it’s already pretty common knowledge.
    I think he’ll play. He could very well start or come in after Bennett has run a series or two.
    And what a ‘Most Georgia Thing Ever” would it be for JT to start and then SB have to come to the rescue a’la the Arkansas game.
    I think the ledge would get crowded.

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  8. argondawg

    The guy got 80% of the first team reps the last 2 weeks in practice. This is not the nuclear launch codes

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  9. Remember the Quincy

    aldotcom used to have an outstanding sports editorial team, back when they published the Birmingham News daily. One of them was a UGA grad and really good writer as well. But that company has been a disaster the past decade plus. This writer is the latest in a revolving door of writers there. It’s amazing that he can even devote any time to covering our QB situation.


  10. I noticed that the line for our game wasn’t set until yesterday.


  11. Or at least the app I look at didn’t post one until yesterday. I don’t bet but do keep up with lines a little.


  12. This is as excited as I’ve been since the Auburn game. No pressure, JT. Lol


  13. stoopnagle

    Sources, eh? Educated guess, more likely. The same one any of us who realize who is getting first team reps could make, but I’m sure he knows a booster somewhere who had a buddy at practice or knows a coach or something. Fine. But this idea has been assumed by a lot of unconnected folks like me for about a week.