TFW the opposing coach is a lawyer

I have no idea what this means, although I’m guessing Rudy Giuliani is taking notes.

At least Leach can pretend the threat worked, since they’re still coming to Athens.


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9 responses to “TFW the opposing coach is a lawyer

  1. lvilledawg

    It would also be an unmitigated torturous nuisance if this water I am drinking were not moist….


  2. 79dawg

    Seems more likely that the reporter is not familiar with the legal term, “tortious” (which arguably makes (slightly) more sense, particularly in Leach-speak), and interpreted it as “tortuous”…


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I go back and forth about this football season. Some mornings I say it’s nice that they’re bravely playing. Some mornings it feels like it’s just an exercise in ESPN wringing dollars out of it.


  4. TripleB

    It is sort of depressing that Leach wants to play Georgia this weekend. I would like it better if he was doing anything possible to get someone else.

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