TFW the pupil hasn’t surpassed the master

It’s funny how Saban’s former assistants who are SEC head coaches now are still a step behind him when it comes to game planning ($$).

Pruitt wants to control the clock and limit the number of snaps his defense faces on average, but that’s hard to do when the offense can’t keep the ball and the defense can’t get off the field.

It’s even harder to do when the philosophy of the day is to bludgeon your opponent into submission by scoring as much as possible.  Maybe that’s a reason why, between the three of them, Muschamp, Pruitt and Smart have eleven losses this season while ‘Bama keeps cruising.


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49 responses to “TFW the pupil hasn’t surpassed the master

  1. Ran A

    Hmmm… I think Smart is trying to change. His mistake was being slow to recognize the change, but not making the change. He has a OC that loves to throw the ball. He went out and convinced Newman to come to Georgia, then he convinces Daniels to come to Georgia and signed a 4 Star (5 Star the year before when he had players around him) to come to Georgia.

    Covid really hurt Georgia, because there was no spring practice. And, in my opinion, played a part in losing Newman. I’m guessing Newman opted out for a couple of reasons. 1) Kirby being unwilling to name him the starter early. This put Newman ‘at risk’ of not starting and hurting his draft stock. Apparently Mathis is a heck of a practice player. 2). New offense, new offensive line, lots of new at the receiver corps – he may not have had enough confidence that Georgia would come around quickly to the new offense. So Newman walks, after taking a majority of the snaps. Daniels wasn’t ready. (I’m not sure he is completely back now). That left a 5’10” spunky kid and a Freshmen running a new offense with lots of new people.

    Personally… Regardless of who the QB is next spring, even if Daniels leaves, I expect it to be much better, because of the improvement in talent at the WR position and Tight End position and most importantly (a full year of play with the o-line in this offense), with a bevy of talented running backs to work with.

    The pundits who picked UF over UGA were correct. UF came back with the same offense, commanded by a really good QB, who pretty much had a full year under his belt. And that proved out to be the difference.

    In short – I do not think Georgia will ever look like Mississippi State; but I think you’ll find they look a lot closer to Alabama next year than they do today (with a load of talent – if they decide to stay).

    Y’all have a great Thanksgiving!

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    • godawgs1701

      I think you’re dead on here. I think that the fact Monken is in Athens is evidence that Kirby has recognized the necessity of changing the offensive philosophy. Obviously I don’t think that he’s decided to turn the ship 180 degrees and become a MAC team throwing it 70 times a game or anything, but I think he’s willing to change. The lack of spring practices and the discombobulated delayed summer camp was a much bigger deal than a lot of people were willing to recognize or admit, and a lot of people who talked about being worried about it were basically made fun of. But I think it was a really, really big deal. The Newman situation, whatever the heck it actually was, only made matters worse.

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      • Previously Paul

        Sure, no spring practice and the discombobulated summer schedule negatively affected everything. But, the entire SEC had the same issues. It’s not like other teams didn’t have to make adjustments. The question is, did we respond appropriately? After that, the question becomes how do we continue to move forward, improve and get to the place where we can compete as equals with the likes of Alabama and Clemson.


        • bmacdawg87

          Yeah the COVID situation affected everyone, but I don’t think its fair to say it affected everyone equally. The lack of spring/summer workouts hurts a program trying to develop timing and reps in an entirely new system with a new QB drastically more than it does a program who has some continuity there and is running a system relatively unchanged from prior years.

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  2. Seems like we’re always a step behind Alabama who is always forging the way and being business-like. They started with the analysts and then recycling head coaches and I feel like Saban has the most and best support one could ask for, too. Clemson has kinda caught them but talk to me when they sustain for as long and endure the coaching turnover that Bama has.

    It’s rather insignificant but I was in a classic rock and country spotify mood while working yesterday and I heard at least 3 songs mention Alabama and it really reinforced what we’re up against.

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  3. Derek

    Surprising too given that they all have pretty much the same qb/wr combos.

    It doesn’t matter if you have Stetson. Call plays like you have Trevor Lawrence and then you dont need to recruit Trevor Lawrence.

    I’m glad that we get to see real coachin’ Saturday night in Athens. The pirate will show us all that its about play calling, not players. You’ll see.

    (I hope Leach takes time to go by and see a SEC Championship trophy at BM. He deserves to get close to one, I think.)

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  4. Ran A

    Keep in mind that Alabama started evolving three years ago. You saw a little of it in the Natty against Georgia in the 2nd half. Then you saw the full revolution the two years. They did not flip a switch, it took a while and then, of course, having a QB that could make those throws.

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    • classiccitycanine

      It started in 2014 with Lane Kiffin, but I guess Kirby wasn’t paying attention while he was in the same building.


      • Derek

        Alabama didn’t win the title that year. Lost to Urban.

        They did win it the next year when Lane had the qb hand off to Derrick Henry 395 times tho.

        So modern and stuff…

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        • classiccitycanine

          Winning the title has nothing to do with the fact that Saban hired Lane to update the offense, which he did. Saban has made further refinements the past three years, but the shift began with Lane.

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        • Can’t help but note you’re skipping over TE OJ Howard pulling in 600+ receiving yards. Or Calvin Ridley’s only 1,000 yard season.


          • Derek

            It’s difficult to get past Henry’s 2219 rushing yards and 28 TD’s. But yes Howard got nearly 40 touches that year and Ridley got exactly 1/4 of the tds that Henry got. Its very true.

            I think “they” compared the 2015 Alabama team to Leach’s 4th place in the Big 12 South Texas Tech team in 2006. Can’t remember exactly why though.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    A good passing attack shouldn’t be such a foreign concept to Kirby. He was with bama when Cooper had an incredible 1800 yards receiving in one season, and also when they had Julio Jones. Regardless of the offensive formation preferred, you find a way to get the ball to playmakers. It seems Saban’s protégés can’t grasp that basic concept.


  6. munsonlarryfkajim

    And how many times did I read on this blog over the summer about how no spring practice was no big deal. Anyone still feel that way?

    But muh freedom!! No spring practice, something, something.

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    • TN Dawg


      Bastards wanting to live their life and not worrying about spring practice are to blame.


    • sniffer

      That’s an asinine take, Larry. First, I don’t remember anyone saying missing spring practice was no big deal. Further….

      But muh freedom!! No spring practice, something, something.

      What the fuck does that mean?


  7. 69Dawg

    If Leach can score 30 on us they win. I don’t think they will score anywhere near that but if Kirby plays man they might have a chance. No team since LSU has played man against them. We’ll see how stubborn Kirby is this Saturday night. By the way MSU might not have enough players since they are hemorrhaging players leaving the team. Our luck it will be called off and become a no contest.

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    • siskey

      I think that Kirby will have a great QB and offense as soon as next year. As far as the cancellation(s), shouldn’t Leach bear some responsibility as many of their players left not for Covid concerns but rather because he ran them off or is a dick?


    • It might not take that. Their pass defense has played better than the Dawgs so far this season. Other than a shocked but still trying LSU, and Bama, no one’s broken 30 points on that 3-3-5 they run yet. I’m very glad some of their defenders are opting out because I damn sure don’t want to see a hobbled Stetson going against a D that played Kentucky and Bama better than we did, and held Kellen Mond to 139 yds passing.


  8. So now we’re putting kirby in the same category as Boom and Pruitt? Back off the ledge, Bluto!


    • bigjohnson1992

      Uga is much easier to recruit kids to than Columbia and Knoxville.
      And atlanta an hour away helps. Other than recruiting classes, their on field coaching and player development are very similar. Quite average. Take away our recruiting and obvious talent gap against most teams, and Kirby is on the hot seat. If you think Kirbys wins are from superior X’s and O’s, you are mistaken.


  9. Smart, Pruitt and Muschamp … which one of these is not like the others?

    Kirby beat Tennessee straight up and has beaten 2 other teams by double digits that beat Tennessee by double digits.

    Muschamp lost to Tennessee, and we beat Auburn more soundly than they did.

    No doubt Saban has changed to stay a step or two ahead of Kirby. Sarkisian has been a great OC for Bama and really took the Bama offense to the next level after Kiffin.

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  10. Forget all this navel gazing for one day and let’s celebrate a damn good Dawg that just got drafted as the first pick overall.

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    • Russ

      Yep, that was pretty cool. Hope he does well and invests wisely. Seems like a good kid.

      By my count, we’ve now had four athletes drafted first overall. Trippi, Babcock and Stafford in football, and now the Ant Man in basketball.

      BTW, his comments about wanting to play football makes me wonder how he’d do as an OLB with that size and huge wingspan.


  11. TN Dawg

    The greatest trick that Saban ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t assist.


  12. practicaldawg

    I think one thing that gets overlooked in the “bludgeoning with offense” argument is the element of luck. It only works when you have a really good QB and good receivers (who stay healthy). Ask Clemson what happens if any of those ingredients are lost even for a week or two. Who is Saban’s No. 2 QB or No. 3? I have no idea. Can they be as accurate as Mac Jones? Maybe, who knows. All I know is that based on the summer roster, we were trying to score big points with our No. 5. That’s a big ask. Lady Luck didn’t smile on the dawgs in 2020.

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    • Munsoning

      I hear you, practicaldawg, but Saban, like Dabo, has a 5-star freshman backup: Bryce Young, ’19’s Gatorade POY in California. No idea if BY will be as good, or as ready to play, as DJ U. If Mac can’t play, though, BY is the guy. Yes, the Dawgs had bad luck in ’20 but Bama and Clemson entered the season with backup plans–to play backup QBs who can play.

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      • practicaldawg

        I agree their backups are better than ours, but that doesn’t change Clemson’s L to a W at ND. It was also clear that Clemson was a fundamentally different team in all phases when they played BC. An elite (health) QB is everything, and it can quickly be taken away.

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        • Munsoning

          Absolutely. Which means you need an elite backup QB. No such thing in CFB. Closest you can get, or so it appears to me, is a freshman former 5-star like DJ U. In his second career start he had Clemson in a position to beat ND, a top-5 team, at ND. By comparison, Stet had a good first half at Bama. We all know what happened in the second half.


          • There’s a useful feedback loop Clemson does maybe even better than Bama (partly because the ACC is mostly trash): get a great QB, build big leads, let the backup QB run the same offense for a quarter or more for several games.
            Kirby’s not quite there, or not as trusting with some leads as maybe he should be (Mathis should have gotten some more snaps vs Auburn and been allowed to throw more vs UT, for example)

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  13. rigger92

    The only “odd and end” is from 2007? Wow.


  14. Illini84

    Jake Scott died.


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