“What everybody’s doing is rushing three, dropping eight.”

Maybe not everybody, Matt.

“You’ve got to pitch to these guys,” Smart said. “Nobody hardly rushes the passer now; they rush three. The last five or six teams have rushed three 80 percent of the snaps. That’s not necessarily what we’re going to do. We believe in rushing 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero. I mean, I want coach Leach to know we may bring seven, we may bring three. … But I can assure you, whatever you do, he’s got answers. This is not his first rodeo.”

I really am trying to keep an open mind about Saturday.  Mississippi State is 117th in the country in offensive yards per play.  Stetson Bennett is 69th nationally in passer rating.  There are sensible approaches for Georgia to take in the face of both of those statistics.

I’m a little worried Kirby wants to play some three dimensional chess when checkers may be the more appropriate game for once.  Hope I’m just being unduly pessimistic.


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11 responses to ““What everybody’s doing is rushing three, dropping eight.”

  1. lvilledawg

    How is their long snapping game though?


  2. akascuba

    It used to be a joke to say regarding the next opponent. I just hope they show up. Not this season it’s a real concern. Beyond that I don’t expect Kirby to overthink this one. No Bo Pelini stubbornness. Just get the win and stay healthy. Hopefully we see JT Daniels well enough to play.


  3. reipar1

    It seems one of the emerging themes to this season is Kirby says something and then we all try to explain how he does not actually mean what he says.

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  4. Down Island Way

    3 dimensional UGA run game plus quadrophonic pass attack is much better than “8 in the box”..according to my abacus…


  5. Make them drive the length of the field. Take away the run game with the front 4. Tackle receivers in space. Play base zone and switch to man/pressure when it makes sense.

    The Hawaii game strategy is the blueprint against the run and shoot or Air Raid if you can get pressure with the guys with their hands in the dirt.


  6. armydawg

    I am pretty confident that Kirby will start out by going after the QB with a 4 man rush to test their o-line. If successful, he’ll adjust the defense to keep pressure on the QB while keeping enough bodies back in coverage just in case they can take a few shots. If we can field enough healthy bodies on D then I have no doubt Kirby can keep them to less than a 25% success rate. I am not familiar with their running game but I don’t think it’s something we can’t handle. If JT starts and is competent and Zeus can get loose this could very well be a fun game to watch. Don’t know about their defense. Could someone give me the 411 on that?

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  7. I really hope Kirby’s insistence on playing more man-to-man than other teams doesn’t result in another 200 yds off wheel routes day.

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    • 69Dawg

      Guess what Leach loves, the wheel route. If he watched the UF game we will see it until we stop it. That play has been the Achilles heel of every UGA I can remember and I’m 73.

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  8. With tempo and all the tackling and QB rules, modern football is about just trying to contain the offense and I kinda hate it. At least at the college level. I watched some NFL Sunday and teams are back to running the ball and play action. NFL and college are rarely on the same page.


  9. bringbacksilverbritches

    Rush three and drop 8 is what Coach Lake did at UW to dominate Leach at WSU. I hope CKS’s strategy of mixing it up is not his version of defensive manball.


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