Over the middle

After watching the Florida game, this is hardly surprising news.

Rice has been gamely playing through injuries, so his numbers are to be expected, I guess, but there’s an argument to be made that Dean’s pass defense has regressed this season.

In any event, I can’t wait to see what the Air Raid does in the short to intermediate passing game.


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  1. Granthams Replacement

    Mullen schooled Kirby.

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  2. It’s not the same talent level, but I guarantee Leach tries the wheel route.

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  3. 79dawg



  4. spur21

    Stats meh. Defense suffered because the offense suffered and several DL were absent.


  5. I didn’t know wheel routes were over the middle.

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    • Greg

      Not sure what you are getting at here….but the linebackers key on the QB first. If the QB drops, the backer drops….if the QB rolls, the backers roll.

      The LB’s 2nd key is the RB, depending on the side of the field the RB releases out of the backfield from (pass). If RB releases on a route, the backer covers….if it is in his responsibility area or his key. Important for all LB’s to “play at home” and not get caught up in diversion or too over pursue.

      So in short, yes…..it is in their coverage responsibility if it is their coverage area.

      This is all general & basic. There are also other factors such as the offensive formations the offense lines up in, motions & the defense that is being run…blitz, twist, zone, vanilla and etc. sometimes no backs in backfield and backers 2nd key is a receiver.

      Usually the LB responsibility to have defense adjust when needed….they call adjustments out to ‘D.

      Can’t get enough players like Rice…..hoping his foot heals.

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      • The linebackers got burned on wheel routes by running backs in man coverage. It’s as simple as that. They weren’t being thrown on in the middle of the field.


        • Greg

          That is what I thought you were saying from reading your post and other posts from before.

          Man-to-man coverage is when any defensive back or maybe on rare occasion a linebacker is assigned to cover a specific player….a RB, TE or WR.

          It is usually the secondary that does this.(man-to man)….on rare occasion will you ever see a linebacker cover only one man, they have several responsibilities by reading their keys….1) QB, 2) RB and then receivers coming into their zone….or their part of the field that they are responsible for.

          Hence, the reason why I broke down what linebackers responsibilities are for you….in general.

          Sometimes you just get beat by a better team and players. But from my seat, it was injuries to starters and the bench…. made it look as bad as it did.

          Rice has been hobbled for a while, Davis is a BIG difference maker and LeCounte was missed big time.

          Probably would have gotten beat anyway because of the situation on offense.


  6. vidaliadawg

    The “legal” pic play is ruining it for defenses. I will continue to just yell at the tv i guess.

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    • Greg

      I hear ya….spent most of my childhood years in Vidalia. A lot of good teams & players there thru the years….as well as good people.

      Wouldn’t have traded it for the world, a lot of fond memories….loved the town.


    • Not only that…but did you notice how many times our defenders got “picked” by the officials on the field?