Saban repeats himself.

Gee, you’d almost think he believes this is a significant observation.


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  1. Ran A

    When your entire life has been built around good defense is the foundation of any championship football team and your 69… You are not really saying that to remind others, you are saying that to remind yourself.

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  2. Derek


    Nick Saban: “I do think the days of (just) playing great defense and winning are probably behind us [in college football].”

    Given thats been true since he had to score 49 to beat Johnny Football and Mike Evans in, checks notes, fucking 2013 I continue to fail to see why this is promoted as profound.

    You’re going to have to score points to win vs. top teams/great offensive players. It still helps to play defense to get into those big games. If you’re giving up 40 to shitty teams you’re probably not getting through a season with 0 or 1 loss and be playoff eligible.

    And kirby has said and done not one damn thing inconsistent with this now near decade old reality.


  3. The question is what is the sport going to do about it. The game is getting boring as physical but not dirty football is no longer allowed. As offensive players can pretty much do whatever they want regardless of the rules, so it makes young players want to play offense over defense (the physical nature of being the one doing the hitting doesn’t have the allure anymore).

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  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    It is like the Rose Bowl never happened?
    We don’t win that game without our D. We made the stops when it counted.


    • Derek

      And scored 54. And we ran the damn ball at a 9.3 yard per carry clip. If Oklahoma gave a damn about playing defense they might have won.

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    • We also gave up a point a minute in the first half while we sat back and got gashed and our offense sputtered.

      You could make the case if Lincoln Riley doesn’t squib the kick right before half, we probably end up losing because that field goal changed momentum and gave us a ray of hope going to the locker room.


    • bigjohnson1992

      We don’t win that game without Roquan. Solely.


  5. Spell Dawg

    The refs share a non-zero portion of the blame. Offensive holding calls have nearly disappeared and the LOS on passing plays seems negotiable. Add the targeting rules effects on DBs/LBs and you have a scenario where the defense is always at a disadvantage when they take the field.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    It’s almost like he’s talking directly to Kirby.


  7. ASEF

    Saban’s not saying that great defense doesn’t matter. He’s just acknowledging that his 2011-12 formula doesn’t work anymore. The rules and refs make a 2011 style of suffocation impossible.

    And he‘s talking primarily to the part of his fanbase that wants to go back to that.

    Championship teams usually have strong offenses, strong defenses, and special teams. That hasn’t changed.

    Michigan had a top rated defense in 2018. Writers and analysts were gushing over it. Then Ohio State showed up with some quick-developing crossers that isolated LBs in coverage with slot guys and dropped 60+ points on their head.

    Georgia brought more to the table on defense in 2020 than perhaps any other team in the last 5 years. It’s been overmatched twice this season.

    You can’t lead with defense anymore. That side of the ball isn’t leading teams to titles anymore. You’re not going to protect your defense to a trophy. But you have to be significantly better than the defense Oklahoma has fielded.

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    • Derek

      Here’s a test:

      After the Ole Miss game, what did Saban say:

      a) “defense doesn’t matter anymore”
      b) “We didn’t do anything well. We didn’t stop the run. We gave up some plays in the back end. We’ve never played this way on defense. It’s certainly not what we aspire to be as a defensive team, and we’re gonna work hard with our players.”

      If you said “b” you’re a winner!

      I wonder if Kirby was listening!?!? Its like Saban was talking directly to Kirby and saying “you gotta be better on D!!!!”


  8. sniffer

    Barnhart’s work is done for the week. I expect him to quote Saban before the day is out.


  9. It’s a pendulum. It waxes and wanes. Hat tip to Saban for staying ahead of it. Patience will win out. Georgia football is way more fun to watch when the defense is good. Think about it…

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  10. bigjohnson1992

    Saban needs to post this on kirbys wall. Not the social media type, but thats what the kids seem do with important info.


  11. Remember the Quincy

    Seems like I’ve either heard this from bloggers/readers, or maybe it was from Kirby himself, but there is this idea that we can rely on suffocating defense against lesser teams and just “dial up” a big time offense for the games we need to do so to win a shootout.

    Take what we did against Kentucky. Just enough offense to get a lead and then ride the defense to victory. It worked, but if we do that 8-9 games a year, it’s damn near impossible to just flip a switch on offense for the 3-4 games a year we need to.

    The offense is going to work best when we turn on that switch with 15:00 left in the first quarter of the first game, and leave the thing on.


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