There’s always a stat of the day when you need one.

Today’s comes from Pete Fiutak.

Daniels averaged 10.6 yards per attempt last week – the offense failed to hit ten yards per try all year, and went 17 straight games as a program without getting there.

Georgia only averaged over ten yards per pass twice last season – against Murray State and Arkansas State, not Mississippi State.

The last time Georgia’s offense hit a double digit yards per pass attempt figure against an SEC defense was 2018 against Florida.

For some context, let me take you on a journey through the past.  Here’s Georgia’s average yards per attempt over the past decade:

  • 2020:  7.4
  • 2019:  7.5
  • 2018:  8.9
  • 2017:  8.7
  • 2016:  6.5
  • 2015:  7.4
  • 2014:  8.1
  • 2013:  8.9
  • 2012:  10.0
  • 2011:  7.9
  • 2010:  8.8
  • 2009:  7.6

The number is a function of completion percentage and overall yardage.  As a rule of thumb, successful offensive years in Athens correlate decently to average ypa being 8+.  So, yeah, while I don’t expect Daniels to maintain that pace week in and week out — not that I’d have a problem if he did! — it’s certainly a harbinger of better days ahead on that side of the ball for the Dawgs.


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  1. I see no reason with a good run game not to be at 8 yards per attempt consistently. The 2012 offense is what I aspire is to be … an offense that can gash defenses with the run and run by you with the pass.

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  2. God, that 2012 offense. It was ahead of its time in a lot of ways.


  3. Guys, it’s one game against a bad team. We can’t count on this going forward.


    • Going into the game, MSU was third in the conference in pass defense.

      I agree the sample size is small, but that’s not MSU’s fault.

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      • Senator, I hear what you’re saying about a small sample size, but I do wonder if, given the number of times we were forced to pass against MSU, this sample size larger than we’re giving it credit for. In other words, if we’d been attempting on average 20-25 passes per game (I don’t know that exact number, just an educated guess), and this sample size is with ~40 attempts, that’s statistically the equivalent of 1.5-2 games worth of data from Saturday.

        I am not a statistician, but it seems based on the sheer number of attempts we saw more of what Daniels is capable of doing compared to an average Bennett or Mathis game this year.


    • Derek

      If we continue to recruit as we have, all we need at that position is basic competence. 2018 showed us how far we can get with a qb who just does the job: make the easy throws, protect the ball, avoid disasters. If we get more out of it than that, maybe we can finally slay the dragon and restart that now, very frustrating, 40 year clock.

      JT may not play like that every week. But we don’t need him to either.

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      • W Cobb Dawg

        Agree. My first thought when reading Bluto’s post was: Give Monken a good QB and he’ll carve up a defense like a Thanksgiving turkey.

        On a side note, I don’t know what Newman’s true prospects are with the nfl. But if he’s really 1st round material, he’d likely be putting up some eye-popping numbers under Monken.

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      • Down Island Way

        As college football evolves (Offense) having that athletic type QB that can see what a defense is attempting is more than a competent need (plus an OC that is a cut above), especially when recruiting 5 star RB’s ,WR’s, OL a team requires a 5 star/elite QB to get to the next level consistently…

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    • Greg

      so we need to curb our enthusiasm??

      Don’t rain on my/our parade!!

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  4. mp

    As happy as Daniels’ performance was, the thing I found equally heartening was that it demonstrated that the recruiting for the WR really has been effective. Just needed someone who could and would throw to them

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  5. Greg

    Gonna be fun to watch the run game take off when opponents no longer can sell out on the run game.

    “pick your poison”

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  6. So he was pretty good Saturday? Some small part of me wishes he hadn’t set such a high standard just so I don’t have to see all the angst when he doesn’t maintain it every game. The absolute horseshit I’ve seen about the QB situation is kind of astounding.

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  7. Tony BarnFart

    I wish I could find the damn quote / dialogue……on Saturday, Lane Kiffin went on a little mini rant, basically about allocation of touches and how he never understood the idea that you (meaning any coach) could be OK with all these great athletes at receiver getting 3-8 touches (and sometimes less) while a running back, who may even be slightly less athletic, gets 20 touches.

    Our receivers are good enough that most downfield throws that aren’t way off the mark are at little risk of interception. In fact, I think the odds are pretty good anything close is going to be a completion. This is kind of where I am hoping Kirby is evolving a bit. The days of 5 star receivers going MIA for half the season need to be put in the dustbin of history.

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    • Russ

      Yep, our WRs were on display last Saturday and I loved it. Now I want to see Washington, McKitty and Fitzgerald getting some love. Especially Washington. He could be unstoppable.

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      • DawgFlan

        Washington fell down on a play I think we would have been a primary target. Also, didn’t get a replay of the potentially BS blindside block penalty, but seems like he is still figuring things out.

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        • One difference I’ve noticed about Monken’s offense is that his TEs aren’t just strictly run/pass blocking or running routes. He uses them to chip block and release into pass routes. Washington seems to be struggling with that at times but at least he’s getting significant playing time even if he isn’t getting the ball thrown to him a lot. Hopefully he sticks with it because I agree he could be really good and TE is obviously a part of Monken’s passing game.

          Of course, it’s on the QB to make use of them, too. This offense really has some serious targets developing. They just need the right QB and OC to make use of them. That and blocking.

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        • This got me curious so I looked up Washington’s stats- assuming they are correct, he only had 12 catches for 193 yards in high school and he hadn’t caught a pass since his sophomore season. It looks like he only played defense his last two seasons, which is probably why most sites had him as an ATH. I guess I’m kinda surprised he’s playing offense now but maybe that what he wanted. He is kinda freakish. Hopefully we make better use of him then we did Brandon Miller.


        • siskey

          I think it was the right call. You just cannot run that play anymore. Does anyone remember the guy (he was a safety or LB-I think, that Richt and Bobo put in to run the crack back on Auburn in 2011-2014 or so)?


  8. Fun trivia: the number 2 player in YPA in 2012? A freshman QB for Oklahoma St, who had as their OC…Todd Monken

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