“I mean, a lot of those things you saw, you’ve seen all year.”

You know, if you squint hard and forget Georgia played Florida a couple of weeks ago

Smart explained that Stetson Bennett and D’Wan Mathis could just as easily have connected on big plays like Daniels did against Mississippi State, when he completed four passes of 40 or more yards after the team had three completions of more than 40 yards in the first six games combined.

“Like I told you, I’d seen it in so many practices,” Smart said. “You guys have asked if we have confidence throwing it, and yeah. I’ve seen those same plays. I’d seen Stetson [Bennett] and D’wan [Mathis] make some of those plays against us in practice, so I knew it was there.”

I just can’t.

Kirbs, don’t tell us it’s raining.  Please.


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  1. Ran A

    I love Kirby; but he needs to quiet up about the QB spot. Real simple; he had a kid that hasn’t played in 15 months come out and pass for 401 yards, with no interceptions, 10 of 11 on third down, deep ball after deep ball, had two straight drops for TD’S and threw a 3rd ball for a TD.

    The QB discussion, at least for now, is over. You name this kid as your starter for the balance of the season and that shuts “everybody” up.

    By the way, that season could end this weekend, next weekend, maynot get the Missouri game in and there are no guarantees that their will be bowl games.

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  2. drunkenmonken

    It must be raining, my leg is wet.


  3. gastr1

    Among several in this category, no way the other two make that throw down the sideline to Burton or the bomb down the same sideline in the 3rd. Those passes were perfect and beyond the others’ abilities. And I want to add: it is really good to have WRs out there that can catch the ball when it comes their way. Sorry, not sorry, Simmons and Landers. Burton and Jackson, along with Blaylock, Pickens, and throw in Darnell Washington, equals a pretty impressive group of targets next year, IMO.

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  4. spur21

    Puzzled – yup that statement from Kirby leaves me puzzled.


  5. David Basham

    Maybe, just maybe the reason Mathis and Bennett could do that in practice is because UGA’s pass defense f*ckin’ sucks.

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  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Even if true, . . . so?


  7. Previously Paul

    He put one in Pickens gut in the end zone early in the game. Pickens was well covered. Daniels threw early, Pickens turned and the ball was there. No chance for the defender to make a play. Neither of the other two made a similar throw that I recall. But I’m old so I forget stuff. He also made quick throws to his check down when under pressure. We hadn’t seen much of that previously.

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    • I recall they ran a flea flicker (in the 3rd?) and he immediately recognized that either the deep throw was not there, or that the protection was breaking down too quickly for it to develop – and Daniels immediately hit his checkdown to the sideline for 6 or 7 yards. That might have been my favorite (non TD) throw of the day.

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  8. uga97

    he needs to stop. thought he was able to use the injury to cover up his qb mismanagement, now he’s not? this is coaching malpractice.

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  9. armydawg

    I swear that Kirby’s brand of coach-speak is almost as painful as the losses. He really needs to listen to himself and realize how angry he’s making the fanbase with the BS he’s putting out. I remember his pressers the 1st year and into the 2nd year were fun to listen to because he let his sense of humor come through. Now, not so much. The man needs more sex!


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    And some of you get so dramatic that I keep hammering home how needlessly stubborn and arrogant Kirby is.

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    • Down Island Way



      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        Or you just listen to what the man says. He keeps digging trying to get out of the hole instead of doing the one thing that would make it all disappear after a day or two of headlines: Admit what we already know, that he screwed up.

        As Davin Bellamy once said, “Humble yourself,” Kirby.

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  11. Greg

    and then you have this:

    “I felt a little bit bullheaded the other night— not me, since I wasn’t calling the plays— as far as trying to run into some of the looks,” said Smart, whose offense was led by Zamir White’s 21 yards on 11 carries. “We’re committed to running the ball, because if you don’t attempt to run the ball, you’ll really have trouble protecting the passer.

    I guess he ain’t calling plays, hey??……I definitely think he has in the past, select plays that is.

    Hoping it is true, okay to get involved…but not too involved.


    • Derek

      No one notices Kirby saying Monken might have been a little too manball saturday night.

      Doesn’t fit the predetermined prism they’ve decided to view things through so it’s ignored.

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  12. coachblutarsky

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe there’s another reason, you meatheads: we have two QBs that can perform in practice but can’t perform under pressure in a real game. I know … this is a shocking possibility. It’s kind of like the Senator and the fact he has never actually been in the arena, but he can blog the fuck out of some x’s and o’s. Can you predict what would happen if people started calling him coach? [gasping, gurgling, choking sound]

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  13. 69Dawg

    LMFAO! Kirby, Kirby, Kirby knock off the obvious alibis. We got our QB now just quit the BS.
    If you want to know why we couldn’t block MSU on run plays it’s was because of their slants and stunts on the OL. They got around our pachyderms because it confused them. Blocking the MSU guys on runs was the line equivalent of playing Paul Johnson’s team with only one week to prepare. We were blocking their DL straight into the running back lanes, watch it again and notice. Once we started the sweeps and adjusted the blocking it got a little better. A reverse would have screwed MSU up but we never called one.


  14. akascuba

    I really hope JT is the answer we all are hoping for and so many are convinced of. I still see the same guy that that threw almost as many interceptions as touchdowns at USC.
    If one game were an accurate predictor of success Mike Leech and MSU would own the SEC. I know I few here who may have broken their arms patting themselves on the back after predicting Mike Leech s success after 1 game.
    I saw a lot of jump balls and a QB still struggling with his footing last week. The stats and results were wonderful. Without him we probably have a loss. Given time and with Monken
    s help he has the ability to be what we all want. I just dont believe he is that guy yet. Lets not put too much pressure on the kid yet. His own father said he was not game ready right after being medically cleared.


    • I hear ‘ya, but go back and look at his first TD pass, the throw to Pickens, and then ask yourself how many college QBs can thread that particular needle.

      Answer: not many, and no others on Georgia’s roster.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      FFS, dude. It’s like he wasn’t even a 17 year-old true freshman starting against P5 teams playing in an out-moded pro-style offense with poor skill position players who didn’t improve as the year went on, and then who came out on fire in his first game running the Air Raid before getting hurt.

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    • Derek

      He is still gimpy. Its apparent to me that his ratings out of hs were warranted.

      Knee needs to get stronger and I hope there’s some grit and character in there. Its a small sample but dude can play. Just need to see where we go from here.

      One thing I know is that he has the ability to make a defense defend the entire field. We haven’t had that for awhile.


  15. otto1980

    The problem with defensive minded head coaches is often they don’t know how to handle QBs in one way or another. Tubbs had problems at QB before handing the keys to Borges. Pruitt has his QBs turned into head cases.

    As for Smart he doesn’t seem as bad but some QBs are certainly gamers. JT did it in a game and did it often. I wanted Stetson or Mathis to win the job as they had put time in the program to earn it. They both had chances. JT has shown thus far to be a gamer. I hope he continues to be.


  16. Ozam

    Kirby is becoming the Baghdad Bob of college football.

    He clearly does himself no favors in the court of public opinion, but players and their parents obviously love him. The only thing I can figure is that he swore a blood oath never say anything too good or too bad about a player.