If you want some insight into JT Daniels’ comment that he knew he had the game winner when he saw Mississippi State’s defense line up in Cover 0, watch this:


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  1. Ran A

    I think what was most impressive was the sequence.

    Hit’s receiver in the EZ – ball dropped.

    Hit’s receiver in the EZ – bal dropped.

    Hit’s receiver for a first down. Called back for holdig.

    Hit’s receiver in the EZ – TD!

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  2. Geezus

    Nice breakdown. I’m sure JT is working out the distance on his long balls.


    • Down Island Way

      No,No,No…the receivers are to darn fast, they must slow down, they don’t need to be that darn open…the safety looks bad, the dc looks really bad, the UGA team manager has to wash the jerseys again cause the darn receivers fell to the turf catching the football…they are to darn fast and the scheme is to darn good….enjoy a drum stick!


  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    I saw where some mock draft had JTD as the fifth QB taken In the upcoming NFL draft. Surely not. Really need him next season


    • Derek

      Hopefully he prefers being the No. 1 pick in 2022.

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    • I don’t see him leaving even if he lights it up in the next 3 games. I think he and Kirby talked about the plan when he was recruited. Kill it next year in Monken’s system and go to the League with a great year of starting under your belt. If he decides to return, he’ll be in the Heisman discussion from day 1.

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    • mp

      I don’t think the NFL would be falling over themselves to draft a 19 year old with 15 games of experience.

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    • Geez. I hadn’t even considered him leaving as a possiblity until now. If he does declare, I’ll probably be super salty and wish Kirby had found reasons to continue not playing him this season. Selfish, I know. I’m still upset that Newman left and he never played a down for Georgia.

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    • Russ

      Yeah I saw that too. Pump the brakes a little.


  4. Greg

    Looks like he may be favoring the back leg, my guess is…could be the one with the knee injury. Confidence in it, still not healed….who knows.

    All I know is, he is a helluva lot better than what we had….and he is going to get better. Just hope he doesn’t decide to come out too early. Read where he was projected in first round if he continues this kind of play by one fellow.

    Anyway, nice breakdown…thanks, appreciated. You all have a safe & nice Thanksgiving!


    • Remember the Quincy

      Recovering from a torn ACL is as much mental as it is physical. Being able to fully trust it while playing football is something that takes a little time. I’ll bet on that first sack, he was praying that it would hold up as he was going down.

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  5. 1smartdude

    Man, that’s a lot of credit for a guy playing a lower tier team with 50 scholarship players on the field. Not trying to be a stick in the mud, he looked much better than other options have been, but I’ve seen this before.


    • gurkhadawg

      I was ecstatic with his play last week. BUT the more film there is of what he is doing in our offense, the better teams will get defending him. He will be improving also. I’m fired up but trying to stay realistic.

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      • True. Imo, that’s what happened to Bennett – he was throwing INTs since the Arkansas game but no one took advantage until Bama. I feel confident that Daniels has the arm and accuracy to make the throws. We know it’s not all about the physical, though.