A few thoughts on South Carolina

Jake Rowe’s key matchup piece got me to thinking how Saturday night’s game will be a little different from what we’ve seen lately.

On one side of the ball, Georgia’s defense is likely to see its first decent running game since Kentucky.  Kevin Harris is a damned good back and Georgia is missing several key run stoppers on defense.  Add to that South Carolina’s apparent lack of a deep passing game together with the possibility of Bobo starting a true dual-threat quarterback, and you’re looking at a situation where it may not be the Dawgs’ secondary getting stress tested.

Meanwhile, Daniels’ performance against Mississippi State upsets the apple cart in terms of how defensive coordinators have prepared for Georgia’s offense.  Don’t forget that it was South Carolina’s play against the Dawgs last season that set the template for a dismal offensive showing for the second half of 2019.  Does SC play it straight and give Georgia’s running game more room, or does it dare Daniels to prove he can do it in a second straight game, against a weakened secondary?

It’s gonna be more interesting than I thought, that’s for sure.


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21 responses to “A few thoughts on South Carolina

  1. sniffer

    With this post, I can “see” Munson following Dooley around asking how are we gonna that big back, etc.

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  2. Russ

    All I know is I’m watching the Texas game and they keep scrolling across the bottom of the screen that Georgia is 5-5 vs South Carolina over the past 10 games. We need to put that abomination well behind us.


    • hialtdawg

      And that’s with Kirbs going 3-1.


      • akascuba

        Yep SOS never tired of beating Georgia even after he moved to USCe. I know Kirby feels that way toward FU and our rivals.


        • RangerRuss

          Thaaaaaat’s right my compressed air breathing friend. And I never get tired of remembering the Dawgs sent SOS home permanently with a beat down and cleats so far up his ass he was brushing polish off his teeth for a month. Then he quit.

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  3. charlottedawg

    I want to see Daniels prove that last week was no fluke, better yet if we can hit some more deep balls

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    You also have to factor in that some SC player with a chip on the shoulder is going to have a flukey career game, as usual.

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  5. rigger92

    Yup, plenty of “what ifs” to go around. Somehow, i do not think that Bobo will ace our staff. YMMV


  6. Illini84

    Well if it’s a “thruway season” who cares? /s


  7. Illini84



  8. armydawg

    They are more short-handed than we are. JT does it again and Zeus gets loose. We may not cover but win comfortably. Kirby won’t run it up against Bobo. I think 35-17 good guys.


  9. rigger92

    Jeebus, that @mummepoll feed on the home page has turned in to pure links for stuff I dont even understand. What a world we live in……I used to get the gist of things there going on where I dont want to go on.


  10. practicaldawg

    I 100% expect them to do what MSU did and sell out against the run. I don’t see what choice they have with their current defensive resources anyway.


  11. akascuba

    I hope they repeat last years defensive game plan. With all the recent players gone from heir secondary please play man all night. We need to put a nice long winning streak on those cocks starting tomorrow. My guess is Bobo uses the ground game in an attempt to shorten the game. Kirby hang 50 on them if you can. Nothing personal coach Bobo you’ll be always a DGD you understand how we feel.

    Every SEC stadium crowd is different we all have our road stories. Their fans are the most delusional in our conference. Until Lou Holtz arrived they had only been to a very few bowl games in a 100 years. Losing was what they were really best at. Their obnoxious behavior tailgating is the opposite of a visit to a place like Ole Miss. it was only fitting Steve Spurrier was drawn there. Based on my experiences their fans and stadium are the asshole of the SEC in case I’ve been unclear how I really feel.

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  12. uga97

    FU is 6-5 vs mizzou so there’s that,


  13. bigjohnson1992

    Honestly, I think JT just breathed much needed life into this program. I bet we see a spirited performance 2mrw night.


  14. I bet you SC won’t be in cover zero all game.