“Come on, dog. It’s a game.”

Syracuse pulled a Reggie Ball in the waning moments of its game against NC State.

And, yes, to make things even more perfect, that’s former Tech announcer Wes Durham on the call.  He must have had some serious flashbacks watching that go down.


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9 responses to ““Come on, dog. It’s a game.”

  1. Ran A

    Durham is superb at what he does; but yeah, is obvious dislike for anything UGA shows up everytime an ex-Dawg makes a good or great play in a NFL game he is calling. Refuses to give UGA a shout out or rarely does.

    Completely agree… I hope this was a little salty for him


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    At LSU in 78, David Woodley threw it out of bounds on 4th down to end the game. That game also had a Lindsey Scott kickoff return TD, and a great Munson call: “AND THE CLOCK WON’T MOVE!”

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  3. lvilledawg

    My wife, not being fully knowledgeable on the Reggie Ball saga, looked at me like I was crazy when I said Syracuse Reggie Ball’d the game. Oh, to have a reputation for something like that. I’m sure Ball is happy someone else did it.


  4. theorginaldawgabides

    Dude actually screwed up twice. He took a sack on third down with no timeouts instead of throwing it away. That’s what put him in panic mode for the fourth down play.

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    • gastr1

      I was just going to mention that. The sack was almost as stupid as the spike. He ran around in circles wasting time and looked as if he was actually going to to try to run in the middle of the field before getting dumped and then laying there as if the game were over (he was pulled up by a lineman!).

      Serious question: did the QB get hit in the head earlier in the game? This is a level of cluelessness that makes it appear he was out of his gourd.


  5. gotthepicture

    I love how the left guard turns around and flashes 4 fingers at the dumbfounded QB.