I guess last year’s loss stung more than I realized.


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  1. Greg

    Judging from his play, looks like Rice has healed up.

    Gonna be interesting to see which teams will be eligible for the playoffs at the end. Thinks OSU will be SOL….and I am okay with that.


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  2. charlottedawg

    Honestly seeing this pissed me off. The defense frankly kinda sucks and it was the second week they got lit up by a freshman QB.

    tearing up the hedges of an opponent is the bush league shit for loser programs like Tech. It reeks of not only classlessness but even more embarrassing like this was some big accomplishment.

    I don’t care that South Carolina did the same crap last year, if we don’t like that happening don’t lose to a crappy program like that.

    The ONLY acceptable response of our defense to south Carolina is holding them to less than a touchdown then acting like it’s no big deal. Because that’s what winners should expect when they play a program that’s never played and never will play in a bcs or new year’s six bowl.

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    • Greg

      Except for that last drive that SC had, I thought they were much improved from the last game…..and we had a bunch of 3rd stringers in for that drive.

      Glad they got some playing time, it’s needed.

      Overall, I’d give the ‘D a B grade.

      Still some key people out.

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    • Russ

      I tend to agree with you CD. The defense has some issues, and it’s not just down to missing players. We were all crowing about having the best and second best defenses in the league due to depth. We still play lots of talent.


      • Greg

        Could be admitting him not being certain what type of defense he wants to run….if he ain’t certain, I would think the players and DC would be the same.

        I’d say, to stick with the one (style) he played last year and be done with it.

        Seems like he may need some advice…maybe Saban is available…😏.

        Also seems like he has his fingers in the offense and defense both (OC/DC)….overly so.

        Wish he would just step back and let them breathe, let them do what they are hired to do.

        That is my bitching for the week…..IZ through.

        We won, I am happy….but we can improve.

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    • Between their last possession of the first half and their first two of the 2nd, Carolina had -25 yards of offense. Their 98 yard TD drive was against mostly backups.

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  3. rugbydawg79

    destroying property at another teams stadium is classless.

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  4. akascuba

    5-5 against them in the last ten games then celebrate like you actually beat a good team. Both are very disappointing.

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  5. Gotta admit I wasn’t happy with this. I despise it when it’s done at our house & get no pleasure seeing it done elsewhere.

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  6. bigjohnson1992

    Payback is hell. When Mus-chump let’s his dummies do that to us last year, he pretty much assured that he’ll never coach anything in Athens ever again.