TFW you discover Darth Vader is played by Steve Sarkisian

This is some stat of the day ($$):

Alabama’s 42-13 win against Auburn is its largest ever against a ranked Auburn team.

The previous bests were 31-7 wins in 1971 and 2001.

Bigger than the Bear and Saban ever managed?  Yeah, that might stir a few boosters up, Gus.


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23 responses to “TFW you discover Darth Vader is played by Steve Sarkisian

  1. Ran A

    The catch? Auburn shouldn’t be ranked. Auburn should have been 3-3 coming into that game, not 5-2. Refs gave them a game against Arkansas and Ole Miss.

    This Auburn team is NOT a good football team.

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    • Derek

      …and Bo Nix is a terrible qb. He has some natural ability but just seems to do everything wrong. Throws off his back foot and makes life for his tackles miserable by not stepping up in the pocket but continuing to back pedal at the slightest sign of pressure.

      If he handled his business like Mac Jones does he might be a pretty good qb.


      • Bo Nix, like Jarrett Guarantano, seems to be one of those guys who will throw nine shitty passes, then the tenth will be a beauty and everyone’s like “Wow! That’s the kind of QB you want on your team!” If his last name weren’t Nix I doubt anybody would have the slightest idea who he was.


      • Gaskilldawg

        Stetson Bennett has a better passing efficiency rating and a better yards per attempt than Bo Nix does.
        Stetson Bennett had a better efficiency rating against Alabama and a better yards per attempt against Alabama than Nix did.

        Stetson Bennett is a marginally better QB than Bo Nix.


    • The Truth

      ^This. I wasn’t even thinking of the Arky larceny, AU would not be ranked in a non-COVID year.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, Auburn is just rank this year.

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    • I like drivin’ in my truck …

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      • Down Island Way

        This site is disgusting the way the barners are treated, true, they might be the best cesspool outside of the hogtown ass wipes…their qb has been wearing barner pajamas since he could spell outhouse, he can’t help it the barner hc is an hc in name only, understanding his first name is really Bob, he could only pronounce the first two letters so bo is what he is….I do know one thing ….this bo don’t know shit…there is only one Bo who knows anything….#AUBURN SUCKS!

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  2. Greg

    Can’t wait to see them take Florida down a few notches….


  3. charlottedawg

    Just please dear God beat florida. Seeing those clowns from gainesville with an sec championship and a playoff berth because kirby and company fucked up would be another lowlight in an already crappy year.

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  4. Don’t look now but that Bama defense is playing like a Bama defense. That’s bad news for Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master and for the playoff field.

    Bama is going to destroy Notre Dame if they get a shot at them.

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  5. theotherdoug

    Sark is starting to look like Saban’s replacement. Sark, like Lane, is one hell of a coach, and if he has kept away from alcohol he could be great there.


    • I don’t know if he wants the stress associated with all the decisions, all the recruiting, etc. If you want to make great money and have a thick skin, being a great OC isn’t a bad way to make good money and have a very nice pension as a state employee.


    • whybotherdude

      Might be the replacement for Muschamp


      • bigjohnson1992

        Sark don’t want nothing to do with Colombia, SC. One and done coaching graveyard. Gonna be an up and coming small school coach who can’t turn down SEC head coach $$$. Sark more likely to want Texas job, unless Urbs wants it. Or wait out Saban at Bama.