Down, down, down

Holy crap.  I knew FSU had fallen on hard times, but I didn’t realize how hard.



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9 responses to “Down, down, down

  1. I don’t imagine Jimbo Fisher will ever be welcome in Tallahassee again. He left that program high and dry, and then Willie Taggart ran the program into the ground.


  2. Down Island Way

    With no end in sight….

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  3. RC

    We need for Mike Norvell to right the ship down there, and the quicker the better, if only to keep UF honest, and an already easily distracted Mullen focused on something else.

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  4. godawgs1701

    Should have never let Nike change the logo to the teenage-looking warrior. That was the turning point. LOL


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Recruiting by Saban and Smart killed that program.


  6. originaluglydawg

    FSU is a microcosm of that whole conference excepting Clemson, and Clemson has ridden that lame mule too far.
    Dabo has a complex about the weakness of his schedule and he can’t hide it. While it’s not his fault that the ACC is horrible, it is his advantage that the ACC is horrible.
    The truth is, there are at least six SEC teams that could change places with Clemson and be ACC champs this year.
    I’d love to see Cincinnati get in the playoffs over Clemson just so we could hear Dabo scream.


  7. bigjohnson1992

    The university and AD and staff and everyone else involved did this to themselves. When you let guys like Jameis Winston rape girls, steal shit, break all the rules, and run the asylum, you’re day of reckoning is a coming’.