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Grinder recipe

Here’s a statistical description of what “foot off the gas” looks like:

I know it’s hard, Kirbs, but if Nick could do it, you can, too.



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Your 12.2.20 Playpen

This week’s submission for the “We Get The Politicians We Deserve” Sweepstakes is a doozy.

I don’t know who amazes me more, the person who submitted this to Perdue, thinking it was the perfect message to send, or Perdue himself, who must have approved it.  Brilliant.

It’s like the Lyndon Johnson apocryphal pig fucker story, except the other guy volunteered to spread it.

And with that, the floor is yours.


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Throw the damned ball, Monken.

Interesting thread here…

In other words, if you’re an elite team and you don’t have to throw the ball, great.  You’ll likely kick ass.  But in the games when you’ve got to pass, Georgia is coming up short as measured against the teams we’d consider its peers.

Like it or not, it’s the way the game is played now.  Adapt or die, Kirby.


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Another tradition unlike any other

Today’s reminder that there are few things in college football dumber than the weekly CFP rankings show.

One thing that is dumber?  People getting their panties in a wad over the weekly CFP rankings.


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The KPD ain’t what it used to be, Jeremy.

Reading this story, I immediately had this image of Pruitt telling Fulmer he had to kick the kid off the team, only to have Phil respond, “back in my day…”.


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“It’s been an unusual year.”

According to Steve Shaw, “Conferences have been down an average of two college football officials per week this season due to COVID-19 reasons.” So far, that hasn’t affected any conference’s ability to provide a full staff for a game.

There’s also this:

Shaw said coaches have even approached officials with ways to shorten games for safety’s sake amid COVID-19 concerns.

“The coaches are trying to get us to the finish line,” he said. “This is two teams that are playing each other. Between opt outs and contact tracing and natural injuries, they were both very thin. [They’d say,] ‘We’d like less plays in this game. We want to play it. What can we do?’

“Whoever would have thought you would ask something like that?”

Shaw referred to what he called “a gentlemen’s agreement” between coaches on how to shorten games. He was not specific in what such an agreement would entail.

In the past, coaches have agreed to allow the clock to run during a blowout, but that is not believed to be the case here.

I’m guessing it doesn’t involve reducing TV timeouts, either.


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Kicks like a girl.

Georgia special teams players say if Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller has to be blocked on a kick return, they’re just the guys to do it.

“You know, once you’re between those white lines, I think it’s fair game,” Georgia senior linebacker Monty Rice said Tuesday. “If she’s trying to tackle Kearis (Jackson) on a kickoff (return), we’re going to have a problem. We’re going to block her just like we do Rodrigo (Blankenship) if he was over there. We’re not going to go overboard because she’s a girl; we’re just going to do what we’re coached to do because that’s what we’re coached to do.”

I wonder if Blankenship would appreciate that comparison, Monty.  LOL.

I also wonder how Fuller being blocked, or, on the flip side, making a play on special teams might impact her NIL value, which has taken off since she appeared in last week’s game against Missouri.


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Mark Richt has lost control over Kirk Herbstreit.

It’s been a while since ol’ Herbie’s showed his ass.

“I still think,” Herbstreit volunteered, “Michigan waves the white flag and doesn’t play Ohio State next week.”

That was a jaw-dropper of an assertion—that a team would use a COVID-19 excuse to avoid playing its biggest rival, while simultaneously knocking said hated rival out of eligibility for the Big Ten championship game. And he threw in the “white flag” surrender metaphor for added style points. That sound you heard was Bo Schembechler rumbling out of the grave in a rage, ready to haunt Herbstreit for implying that his program is chicken.

Anchor Rece Davis smartly and quickly went back at Herbstreit, asking him if that is indeed what he was implying.

Herbstreit began to double down, albeit more generally. He said he’s heard from coaches who believe losing teams are using the virus to avoid “being humiliated” on the field.

No names, mind you.  And a little later, he backtracked.

About an hour later, Herbstreit issued a video apology on Twitter: “I had no business at all saying that. I have no evidence of that. It was completely unfair to Michigan, to Jim Harbaugh, to his players and coaches, and I just want to apologize.”

Forde goes on to credit Herbstreit with “a beloved spot in the sport, and that apology is consistent with who he is”, but the apology isn’t all that’s consistent with who he is.  Herbstreit’s run his mouth here and there over the years with off the cuff observations like that.  Just ask Georgia fans.


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