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“Sometimes you want to say something, but you just don’t.”

I really don’t want to post anything more about Greg McGarity.  I’ve written enough about him over the years, good, bad and indifferent, to last a lifetime.  And the reality is that I expect little to nothing in the way of change in the wake of his departure.

But these quotes

On the Auburn rescheduling controversy of 2012 that sent the Bulldogs to Plains two straight years without any reciprocal adjustment …

“People have no idea how hard I fought for us on that. I was furious when it first came up; I went (expletive) nuts. I’m in there advocating as hard as I can. But, at the end of the day, there are 14 other people in that room, and it always comes down to a show of hands. The SEC has to do what’s best for everybody involved, and that’s not always what’s best for Georgia. When it’s over, I can’t come out there and trash the league or rant about what other teams are doing. But to say that I’m not in there advocating on behalf of us as hard I can is just not true.”

On the infamous dual press conference with Mark Richt after firing him in 2015 …

“I regret that; I definitely regret that. Talk about do-overs. But here’s the thing, we didn’t think he was going to leave for another job. I had always been impressed with how well Mark interacted with alumni and good he was in fundraising situations. So, we had talked about him slowing down a little and helping us with that and overseeing the Paul Oliver Network. Based on the conversations I’d had with him, I thought he was worn out. We didn’t think he was going to go right back to coaching. I was stunned he did, to be honest.”

The best thing I can say about his retirement is that he won’t be speaking with the press anymore.



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Man down.

Something else for JT Daniels to adjust to:

Too bad for Hill, who rebounded and played perhaps his best game of the season last week.


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Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

How’s this ($$) for a random data point?

South Carolina has not kicked off a game with a temperature below 43 degrees since the 2010 Papajohns.com Bowl in Birmingham, Ala. It was 27 degrees that day at kickoff. The forecast for Saturday night in Lexington is 28 degrees with the possibility of snow.

The article adds that Mike Bobo, who is used to freezing his ass off at a football game, doesn’t allow ball carriers to wear sleeves because those sleeves can get slick and affect ball security.

Sounds like a fun time is about to be had by all.


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We’re both part of the same hypocrisy, senator.

Greg Sankey is shocked, shocked to learn that conference commissioners are manipulating schedules to gain favor with the selection committee.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey made a strong College Football Playoff case for his conference on Wednesday, in part by citing that his conference plans to play all if its scheduled regular-season games. This after the ACC this week canceled games for its two best teams in order to make it easier for them to advance to the league title game, and by extension, earn playoff bids.

The ACC’s move Tuesday raised eyebrows around the sport when the conference eliminated Dec. 12 games for its CFP contenders, No. 2 Notre Dame and No. 3 Clemson. The ACC said it made the move to “preserve the integrity” of the league’s championship on Dec. 19.

Sankey had another view.

“I was surprised to see the announcement [Tuesday],” the SEC commissioner told CBS Sports. “It begs one question: If their two most highly ranked teams were, for instance, [ranked] five and six in the CFP Rankings, would this decision have been made?”

Says the man who supports his members scheduling November cupcake games in the good times.

Wait ’til he finds out what the Big Ten’s gonna do to preserve Ohio State’s path to the CFP.


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Boy’s got potential.

Yeah, I know, small sample size and all…

Tell me, would you rather see him not at the top of that list?


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Jimmy Sexton doesn’t rep idiots.

Well, you can’t get paid that bowl game bonus if your team doesn’t go to a bowl game.


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Musical palate cleanser, cover edition

Here’s Delbert McClinton, covering a 1968 R&B chart topper, “Can I Just Change My Mind”.

That’s a sweet, sweet groove there.


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