Jimmy Sexton doesn’t rep idiots.

Well, you can’t get paid that bowl game bonus if your team doesn’t go to a bowl game.



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  1. armydawg

    UT wins a bowl game and Mushmouth gets an extension for two more years. The gift that keeps on giving.


    • Down Island Way

      Never like to disagree with you Senator….Jimmy Sexton absolutely does represent some serious IDIOTS…(every friday i wi$h i wa$ one of them)

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  2. practicaldawg

    I’m sure ratings will be off the charts if Streak U goes to a Dec 26 bowl game.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe they can play gtu during a blizzard in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.

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  4. godawgs1701

    They need the extra practice. lol


  5. It appears he’s already hit the 99-2000 Jim Donnan level of hatred from fans on the call-in show part of his career.
    (Also, why still do a call-in show?)

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    • amurraycuh

      Living in East Tennessee, I tuned in to his portion of his show whilst running errands yesterday. A caller promptly asked him when he was going to realize he sucked as a coach and move back to Alabama. I was surprised that Pruitt didn’t get all bent out of shape. He responded with a calmly-toned answer of “you know….aight….aight….you know…working on it…aight”
      Good point on the merits of a call-in show.

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      • Don in Mar-a-Lago

        Beldar treated with mass quantities of calmly-toned techniques to reach nirvana prior to going live on the radio


  6. Whiskey Dawg

    Vols except Tidy Bowl invitation.


  7. mg4life0331

    You know Senator, for an older guy you sure are good with memes. Thanks for the entertainment.