Musical palate cleanser, cover edition

Here’s Delbert McClinton, covering a 1968 R&B chart topper, “Can I Just Change My Mind”.

That’s a sweet, sweet groove there.


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9 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, cover edition

  1. J.R. Clark

    The man taught John Lennon the finer points of playing harmonica.


  2. David D

    Saw Delbert open for ARS at Stegeman Coliseum waaaayyyyy back in the day (about ’80, maybe?). Shitty acoustics aside, an awesome show.

    I wonder if all the changes to the Coliseum over the years have made the sound quality any better? Do they even host concerts anymore when we’re not in a pandemic? #oldmanquestions

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    • I worked that show as a member of University Union Contemporary Concerts. Delbert’s drummer was one cool cat. ARS were an uppity bunch.

      We struggled forever with acoustics in the coliseum. There was an attempt to put up damper panels in the rafters but that only seemed to make it worse. That acoustic engineering feat was conceived by, you guessed it, a NATS grad.

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  3. automaticdawg

    Good stuff. Check out Roy Buchanan’s version, though. Irresistible riff with some Duane Allman-esque soloing going on.

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  4. That whole album is great………..


  5. Scotty King

    Delbert is an underrated national treasure.


  6. Check out the cover of this song by Roy Buchanan. Of course the Ty Davis original is a classic


  7. roterhals

    Very underrated. He wrote some great songs (“Two More Bottles of Wine” anyone?) but is one of those dudes that can sing other people’s songs better than they can.


  8. Got Cowdog

    Before I ever bumped into this blog, I considered myself “One of the Fortunate Few”
    Love me some Delbert.