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There’s always a stat of the day when you need one.

And before you jump in with a sample size caveat, think about it.


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It’s not going to be a normal bowl season. That should mean only one thing.

Two of college football’s preeminent bowl games will not allow fans to attend when they kick off early next year.

The Rose Bowl, one of the College Football Playoff semifinal games, and Fiesta Bowl made their announcements Thursday.

The Tournament of Roses said it requested special permission for a limited number of fans or select number of guests of both teams to be in attendance for the Rose Bowl, which will be played on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California, but was denied because of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the state, county and city of Pasadena.

Let’s face it, this year’s bowl season will be unlike any other.  Either no fans in attendance at all, or in very limited numbers.  And no win requirement means… well, this.

Fans or no fans, ESPN is going to churn out its usual amount of broadcast product.  I think there are something like twelve slots in the postseason available for SEC teams right now.  Jeremy Pruitt lobbying for his 2-5 team to play in a bowl game isn’t as much of a joke as we’d like to think it is.

So, allow me to beat that dead horse again.  Greg McGarity will be spending the next three weeks taking his retirement victory lap.  Josh Brooks, you want that job?  Show me how much.  Throw out the rule book and lobby hard for Georgia to play Georgia Tech in a bowl game.  Might I mention that the Jackets have the same number of wins right now as do the Vols?  It’s not even that much of a stretch to make the argument.

I’d much rather get my annual dose of COFH than watch the Dawgs face the third or fourth best team from the Big Ten.  I suspect much of the Dawgnation feels the same.  Just do it, guys.


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It’s a puzzle.

No doubt about it, that’s beautiful, fundamental, textbook defense played there.  Coaches coached and talented players executed.

I’ve only got one question:  why can’t they do the same thing defending the underneath pass?


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“The guys just want to play football here.”

“We’re either all in or all out, no matter what happens.”Tennessee wide receiver Josh Palmer

If generating empty phrases were a sport, the Urnge would be SEC champs.


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Worth every penny

Seriously, if you’re a Georgia fan, isn’t Malzahn exactly who you want coaching Auburn?  I mean, he’s a guy who’s trouble for Saban, but rarely beats the Dawgs.  That’s a formula that works for me.


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Envy and jealousy, livin’ the dream edition

DavetheDawg is my hero.  He should be yours, too.

I can’t imagine anything more 2020 than that.  You listening, football gods?


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