“The guys just want to play football here.”

“We’re either all in or all out, no matter what happens.”Tennessee wide receiver Josh Palmer

If generating empty phrases were a sport, the Urnge would be SEC champs.


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8 responses to ““The guys just want to play football here.”

  1. DC Weez

    Of all the dumb comments that’s one of them.


  2. godawgs1701

    Hey, it’s a fairly empty expression but I’ll give the Vols credit. They’re still there. They don’t have a ton of guys abandoning ship like South Carolina and a bunch of other teams.


  3. Good to see “Opportunity is No Where” is still alive and well in the Land of 5 Star Hearts.

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  4. archiecreek

    If you see a fork in the road..
    Take it!!


  5. bigjohnson1992

    Mass exodus of players coming for the vols and many other teams. These kids ain’t sticking around for more of the same crap. Can’t wait for daily decommit Twitter announcements also. Respect my decision……