There’s always a stat of the day when you need one.

And before you jump in with a sample size caveat, think about it.


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  1. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    And that includes several dropped balls.


  2. Russ

    I don’t care what size it is, I like that sample and would love to see more of it.


  3. Greg

    The kid seems to have it. Can’t wait to see how much better he gets when gets more experience and he has full use of his other leg .

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  4. originaluglydawg

    Things seem to be going well for the Dawgs right now….so I’m holding my breath expecting TMGTE Grinch to show up. It’s about time for Old Lady Luck (the fickle bitch) to smile on us though….isn’t it?


  5. theotherdoug

    Our passing game has been awful for a long time. Really since Murray graduated.


    • 2018? Fromm was the 3rd highest rated passer in the country. We didn’t throw for 3k+ yards, but it wasn’t at all awful. Even if 2017, it was good enough for Fromm to be a freshman All-American.

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      • Biggen

        I’m not disagreeing with you, but how many of those completions were behind the line or within 10 – 12 yards down the field or to the sidelines where there was no YAC?

        Again, I agree that Fromm wasn’t bad at all. I’m damn glad we had him for the 2017/2018 season. But a downfield passer I think he was not.


      • theotherdoug

        Fromm’s yards per game ranked him 68th in 2018. He did a great job, and I agree that’s not awful. My point was we haven’t had a passing game that scared anyone since Murray and Bobo as OC. We’ve been run first and throw when we have to or to mix it up. Maybe Fromm could have been a guy like Murray with a different OC and philosophy. Eason and Fields obviously had the arm and talent, but again it didn’t happen at UGA.

        All of the above is a long winded way of saying I’m excited to see a passing game that can stretch the field.


        • Russ

          In 2018 it was like the offense succeeded in spite of itself. Never seemed to really get rolling, though we did have a great season. Hard to complain but I just had that feeling. Of course, it was worse in 2019.

          Watching JT, it’s the first time I’ve felt anticipation with the offense on the field in a few years. And it’s a good thing.

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    • 123 Fake St

      Murray just threw another pick 6. That Florida Midget is wildly overrated.

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  6. akascuba

    I dont care about the sample size Ive seen it and look forward to more of JT Daniels. The FU game watching balls sail over wide open receivers is a site that will take monkey stomping of FU to forget.

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  7. What I like is before he started, they were attempting fewer deep passes. 32 in 6 games for about 5.3 shots/game
    With JTD it’s 13 in two, or 6.5 (and that’s with a 300+ rushing game in there)

    Throw in a full offseason and hopefully it gets to an average of 7 or so.

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    • Down Island Way

      Dropped passes, pass interference penalties not withstanding, the overall threat of the deep ball means oh so much when opposition dc’s scheme for UGA’s football team…which is all so important for crootin’ those 5* student athletes needed going forward…CKS can now say with the UGA scheme offensively this is where this or that 5* fits in…

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  8. Scotty King

    He just has the look of a winner!


  9. Spell Dawg

    The thing is, I think he can be much better. A small few of his throws have looked…not so good. His reads and scrambles could be faster. He acknowledges as much in his post-game interviews. Kinda why I’m not concerned about him coming back next year, he’ll be back. We again have a QB with good fundamentals and skills, he’s looked great against the bottom of the conference. Next year he’ll get the chance to show what he can do when he’s at peak conditioning with full command of Monken’s offense.

    BUT, even if all that plays out exactly as we’d all hope, Kirby MUST put Brock in games and let him do more than hand the f-n ball off in garbage time. He did that sh*t with both Eason and Fields, both transferred. We can debate the reasons each did so, but there’s no debating QBs want to spin the rock. Let the #2 show off a little, it’s that or see them in the portal.

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  10. 4 of the 6 incompletions were drops.

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  11. 79dawg

    What are we supposed to be thinking about – that the numerator in both sample sizes is essentially the same, while one of the denominators is 2.5X as large as the other???


  12. jdawg108

    With two endzone drops.


  13. MGW

    Sure opens up the run game

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  14. practicaldawg

    I’ve seen enough sample size to know there’s a difference. And as bad/depleted as SC is, I’m pretty confident that game looks more like the Kentucky game if JT isn’t the QB.

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  15. theorginaldawgabides

    Vandy game cancelled.


  16. So it looks like we may have already seen Georgia’s last game this season. I’m pretty salty about it if so. If Vandy is giving up football, fine, but let’s at least find a way to make Missouri happen. I’ve seen the “they’re out of the playoffs so it doesn’t matter” argument. Why play at all then? We’ve got guys who need to get playing time so there IS something to play for imo.

    If the playoff teams are still gonna play then we need to finish this season. This program handled Covid season well so it shouldn’t just get cut short.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      I agree. I love the championships as much as anyone, but I would watch Georgia play The Sisters of the Poor over a #1 vs #2 matchup at the same time.

      I’m happy to not be a drive-by sports fan. Georgia is the only thing that I absolutely must watch……and I want to watch every second of every game regardless of where things stand on the macro-level. And then I basically have nothing for 8 months. Thurs-Fri of opening weekends of March Madness are excuses to skip work and day drink. I’ll watch Masters highlights and tune in on Sunday if it’s close. Baseball is a vehicle for draft beer and corn dogs if you can go to the ballpark.

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  17. 3 home games and apparently no senior day. The conference championships and playoffs are still happening, though. 😤


  18. RangerRuss

    I hate it for the Seniors.
    Just dammitman.

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  19. 79dawg

    One last chance for Greg to show he’s “angry” and “get’s it” and is a true man of the people, and his ire is directed at squints Vandy???
    He should be happy though, I think this means he can just go ahead and hit the road for Florida tonight…


  20. topgunsdawg

    A winner he is, yes. But he looks like a wiener in that ‘stache picture….


  21. bigjohnson1992

    His passes sizzle through the air, are accurate, are to the correct read, are very catchable, and are on time. Most qbs can do maybe three of those things, but never all of them. My dawg is only gonna get better as well.