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Your 12.5.20 game day post

No Georgia, but plenty of other football to be played.

Screenshot_2020-12-05 FBS (I-A) Conference Schedule - 2020 - NCAAF - ESPN

Screenshot_2020-12-05 FBS (I-A) Conference Schedule - 2020 - NCAAF - ESPN(1)

Will today mark Tennessee’s sixth straight double-digit loss?  How will Bo Pelini defend Alabama’s passing attack?  (Not well, methinks.)

Your answers, as well as any other observations you have have, are welcomed in the comments.



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“… but when our institution suffers…”

Oh, the humanity!


Yeah, prepping to seal-club Vandy while getting recruits in the house sounds like exactly the kind of thing Kirby Smart can’t handle.

Your concern is duly noted, Greg.


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Stay classy, Greg.

Who knew, after ten years of watching the man work, that what really chaps Greg McGarity’s ass is the SEC postponing a game because the opponent can’t field enough players to play?

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity has built a reputation over the past 10 years for being a kind, gentle man who doesn’t get angry.

That changed quickly on Friday.

“I don’t take things personal, but when our institution suffers, it upsets me greatly,” said McGarity, fuming at the news that Vanderbilt won’t bring a team to Athens on Saturday for the Bulldogs’ scheduled Senior Day.

“When something effects our school, it’s extremely frustrating.”

… The Bulldogs fans, players and players’ families were furious.

“They should be angry, and we’re angry, too,” said McGarity, who will vacate his post as AD on Dec. 31.

“It’s just extremely frustrating and extremely disappointing, especially if the game on the 19th can’t be played, and that’s what we fear.”

The suspensions of Green and Gurley didn’t move him publicly.  The SEC dicking Georgia on the schedule with Auburn didn’t lead him to express any open frustration.  In fact, I can’t think of a single other incident that’s happened over the last decade that’s made Greg McGarity angry.  Which, I guess, is something that separates him from most of the fan base.

And there’s nothing like throwing a cheap shot while you’re at it.

It’s a realistic concern when one considers how uncompetitive Vanderbilt has been in football over the years, and the institution’s lack of commitment to the sport.

The Commodores lost 41-0 last Saturday at Missouri, and reports surfaced players were threatening to opt out on the heels of Vanderbilt utilizing a female as its kicker.

“Hopefully Vandy will be prepared to play (Dec. 19),” McGarity said without much conviction.

Look, I get the frustration.  Georgia was lined up to smack the worst team in the SEC today and that’s been postponed or worse.  I get it.  But you don’t take shots at another school like that.  It’s the tail end of a season plagued by a pandemic.  Should you really be surprised when something like this happens?  Not at this point, anyway.

It was classless and drew the proper rebuke from his counterpart at Vanderbilt.

And it seems that even McGarity realized he let his mouth run a little too far.

Right now, at least, Georgia still has two games left to play.  Let’s hope the football gods ignore Greg’s outburst.

But both McGarity and Smart understand that there’s some good fortune involved in it. Smart has stated on more than one occasion that his team has been pretty lucky to avoid outbreaks and contact tracing issues. He has also praised Ron Courson, Georgia’s Senior Associate Athletics Director of Sports Medicine, for his efforts and plan.

Those hoping to hear or read scathing comments from McGarity, who will retire at year’s end, are probably going to be left wanting. There’s nothing easy about what the Bulldogs are dealing with right now but there’s a reason he will avoid pointing fingers. UGA could be next. “It all may fall apart tomorrow,” McGarity said.


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If there’s ever a pair of stats you could’ve guessed before you saw them…




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Revisions, revisions

Here’s the latest version of the remaining conference schedule:

Schedule of SEC Football Games for December 12:

  • LSU at Florida (rescheduled from October 17)
  • Auburn at Mississippi State (rescheduled from November 14)
  • Georgia at Missouri (rescheduled from November 14)
  • Ole Miss at Texas A&M (rescheduled from November 21)
  • Tennessee at Vanderbilt (rescheduled from November 28)
  • Alabama at Arkansas (rescheduled from December 5)

Schedule of SEC Football games for December 19:

  • Texas A&M at Tennessee (rescheduled from November 14)*
  • Ole Miss at LSU (rescheduled from December 5)
  • Missouri at Mississippi State (rescheduled from December 5)
  • Vanderbilt at Georgia (rescheduled from December 5)#
  • SEC Football Championship, Atlanta, 8 pm ET/7 pm CT

*Should Texas A&M qualify for the SEC Championship Game on December 19, the Texas A&M at Tennessee game would be declared a no-contest and Texas A&M would represent the Western Division in the SEC title game.

#Should Georgia qualify for the SEC Championship Game on December 19, the Vanderbilt at Georgia game would be declared a no-contest and Georgia would represent the Eastern Division in the SEC title game.

Two things:  first off, what do you figure the odds are on all those games actually being played?  Me, too.

Second, and I grant you the odds on either happening are astronomical, if either Georgia or TAMU backs their way into the SECCG, it means they won’t play a full 10-game schedule to get there.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what Sankey was whining about when the ACC announced its championship game plans?


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