If there’s ever a pair of stats you could’ve guessed before you saw them…




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  1. Greg

    Overall, 2nd in the SEC with scoring defense.

    Good possibility we could finish #1 if opponents keep canceling games.


  2. TN Dawg

    Our defense has been really stout against the teams with the combined 17-32 record.

    In games against real opponents, not so much.

    It appears Kirby, like his predecessor, can’t get the team ready for big games.

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  3. Ace Harris

    Kirby is a great recruiter, mediocre coach, lousy game coach. I personally think he tries to micromanage every facet of the game. If you watch him on the sidelines he is always running down to the offense, defense,etc and the position coach is having to look over Kirbys shoulder. Kirby has to meddle and Richt had to have his water girl, nuff said!!!


    • Derek

      When you’re not winning enough to satisfy the fan base and you look too relaxed then thats the problem.

      Under the same circumstances, if you’re too involved, then thats the problem.

      Funny how the fans always have THE answer no matter the situation. The only problem a fan can’t solve is 15-0.

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      • Well said.

        These folks took shots at Mark for being a CEO coach. They now take shots at Kirby for meddling.

        The common thread is that a lot of people who are taking shots at Kirby are pissed that he hasn’t won a natty so they can brag to their friends who have been saying “1980.” There is a certain envy in our fan base about this. I’m jealous of Alabama’s success, but would I want to trade places and be a Bama alum and fan? Hell, no.

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        • Derek

          I’ve said many times if we lost every game from now to whenever, I’d still be a bulldog. I don’t care if I’m the last one in the stands.

          I do think that fans eating shit drives some of their frustrations. I think it may be more true that fans who talk shit their coach doesn’t back up causes even more dismay. People who are running their mouths in April and then get it fed back to them in October tend to be hostile.

          What always gripes me tho are the superficial, fact-denying, couch coordinators who always have some handy dandy solution to every complex problem.

          Getting a natty with Saban at Alabama is really fucking hard. It doesn’t help when the refs fuck you. It doesn’t help when you have to play a two-star walk on at qb.

          You’d be very hard pressed to find a Georgia football coach performing all of the necessary tasks to give us a shot better than what we have now: Recruiting, staff building, player development, etc….

          In fact, I don’t think the football program from top to bottom has ever been in this good of shape. But with conference title games and playoffs the margin for error in getting a natty is microscopic.

          Its like someone showing up on the PGA tour in 2000 saying “I’m going to win majors!” Well, your timing ain’t real good, bud.

          In 1980 it would have been a much easier task in both sports.

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      • Ace Harris

        You said the magic words, TOO involved!!!


  4. classiccitycanine

    So you can have an awesome offense and a good defense (see Bama)? Kirby you taking notes?