Revisions, revisions

Here’s the latest version of the remaining conference schedule:

Schedule of SEC Football Games for December 12:

  • LSU at Florida (rescheduled from October 17)
  • Auburn at Mississippi State (rescheduled from November 14)
  • Georgia at Missouri (rescheduled from November 14)
  • Ole Miss at Texas A&M (rescheduled from November 21)
  • Tennessee at Vanderbilt (rescheduled from November 28)
  • Alabama at Arkansas (rescheduled from December 5)

Schedule of SEC Football games for December 19:

  • Texas A&M at Tennessee (rescheduled from November 14)*
  • Ole Miss at LSU (rescheduled from December 5)
  • Missouri at Mississippi State (rescheduled from December 5)
  • Vanderbilt at Georgia (rescheduled from December 5)#
  • SEC Football Championship, Atlanta, 8 pm ET/7 pm CT

*Should Texas A&M qualify for the SEC Championship Game on December 19, the Texas A&M at Tennessee game would be declared a no-contest and Texas A&M would represent the Western Division in the SEC title game.

#Should Georgia qualify for the SEC Championship Game on December 19, the Vanderbilt at Georgia game would be declared a no-contest and Georgia would represent the Eastern Division in the SEC title game.

Two things:  first off, what do you figure the odds are on all those games actually being played?  Me, too.

Second, and I grant you the odds on either happening are astronomical, if either Georgia or TAMU backs their way into the SECCG, it means they won’t play a full 10-game schedule to get there.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what Sankey was whining about when the ACC announced its championship game plans?


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9 responses to “Revisions, revisions

  1. I seriously doubt our game with Vandy ends up being played. It sounds like they have a number of opt outs following Mason’s dismissal.


  2. Derek

    I just want to know if everyone made their money.

    Let’s focus on what’s important.

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  3. The Truth

    What am I missing — and I’m sure I’ve missed something. If UF lost this and next week to get to 3 losses, they’d let us in the SECCG before them with only 2 losses — even though we lost to them and could possibly be upset by Vandy except for that game being declared “no contest” to keep the SECCG on schedule? If I was a UF fan…

    OK, sorry for the delay, had to clean up the puke. If I was a UF fan I’d be losing my mind.


  4. TEXBaller

    Don’t be shocked @ Tenn today…..then we just need a “Stupid Ed” miracle…..and wouldn’t it be great to hear Florida crying that UGA should HAVE to play Vandy??

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    • RangerRuss

      Hahahahaha! Oh man, wouldn’t that be great. All the times we’ve been screwed when all the Dawgs needed was one little break. Yeah, a fourth SEC East championship would be nice. But denying those sorry sumbitches from UPENIS a title would be better than Mullen being turned over in a portajohn.
      Who knows? The Dawgs could go all the way.
      Fuck those motherfuckers!


    • I would be shocked if Tennessee stays within 20 points of the Handbags. Mullet is going to try to send a message to the committee and the Heisman voters today.