The “three-ingredient recipe” and a contingency plan

Bad news came late this week.

A tad more than 24 hours before kickoff, Georgia’s finale at Sanford Stadium against Vanderbilt got postponed. The Bulldogs were ready to recognize 23 seniors and mark a milestone in a chaotic, pandemic-shortened season. It got called off, much to the frustration of administration, football coaches and players. Georgia also had its Nov. 14 game at Missouri postponed due to COVID-19 issues.

The two games are set to be played Dec. 12 at Missouri, then on Dec. 19 to close out Georgia’s regular season by hosting Vanderbilt.

McGarity received an “alert,” as he called it, from the SEC on Thursday night. He was told that Vanderbilt “may have a problem.” At that moment, the Bulldogs started to develop contingency plans. But Georgia didn’t get another update until Friday morning.

As of 11:29 a.m. Friday, the game was still on. A conference call happened at 11:30 and the news broke. Georgia’s administration was told Vanderbilt was “well, well under” the 53-player recommendation, McGarity said.

Remember, it’s not just being below 53 players that’s an issue.  It’s also that a team may be severely lacking numbers at a particular position.  And I’d guess when you’re “well, well under” 53, that’s a realistic possibility.

So, evidently, is this.

The SEC’s decision to postpone Saturday’s game comes after Vanderbilt failed to meet the recommended minimum requirement of 53 scholarship players. McGarity said it came from a combination of Commodore injuries, COVID-19 issues and opt-outs, and that a three-ingredient recipe such as that “is not good,” the outgoing Georgia athletic director added.

The Tennessean reported that Vanderbilt players considered opting out after Sunday’s firing of seven-year head coach Derek Mason…

“That’s the fear,” McGarity said on the hesitancy of playing the rescheduled game Dec. 19. If Georgia is eligible to represent the SEC East in the conference title game, then a makeup contest with Vandy will be deemed a no-contest. “If they’ve got that same mixture, those three ingredients still in play, you just worry due to the whole dynamic. We’re hopeful.”

Being hopeful isn’t a plan.  It hasn’t been one all season.

But you know what would be a plan?  Dredging up the dead horse I’ve been beating for the past couple of weeks:  go lobby Greg Sankey to make an exception to the ban on non-conference games and allow Georgia to play Georgia Tech in the event Vanderbilt can’t suit up.  If making sure every SEC team gets a crack at a 10-game schedule is important, there’s no logical reason to prevent the two programs from facing off.

Use some of that anger in a positive way, Greg.  It would make for a nice going away present to the fan base.


UPDATE:  A reader points out that Tech is scheduled to play Miami on the 19th.  Checking the conference schedules for both the ACC and SEC, barring some untimely COVID news, which I’m certainly not pulling for, I don’t think there’s a way to pull off what I’m asking.  Shit.


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36 responses to “The “three-ingredient recipe” and a contingency plan

  1. reipar1

    I will give you credit. You really want to find a way to play tech this year.


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Now THIS is a much better idea than the short-sighted idea some have been bandying about here where Georgia would turn down a slot in the NY6 Peach Bowl playing another top-10 team in order to play a moribund Christmas Week Tier-3 bowl game in Charlotte against the NATS.

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  3. KingMackeral

    Georgia Tech is currently scheduled to travel to Miami on the 19th. Assuming that cannot be changed, we should ask BYU to visit Athens.


  4. Anon

    Also I think you asking someone to travel to Athens to play. Sounds like we want a home game. And a chance for senior day. It would stink not to have a senior day. 23 kids and families


    • Tech was already scheduled to play in Athens this season.

      I agree with you about Senior Day.


      • Anon

        Sounds like byu doesn’t care about travel and have the ole school attitude of “I’ll play anyone a time anywhere “. Give them a call. Coastal Carolina team probably same attitude and the can drive. Call them. I want to see a game. And I want to see senior day.


        • Texas Dawg

          Sounds like BYU doesn’t care about travel and have the ole school attitude of “I’ll play anyone a time anywhere”….other than the fact they turned down a game with Washington. The primary reasons given were not health related reasons. When you are on the outside of the big dance looking in, you do not have the luxury of turning down that kind of offer ( “UDub had reached out yesterday but was told BYU wanted to wait until after the CFP rankings Tuesday to gauge their place. ‘It’s off the table.'”). The took a game against CCU that I am quite sure that they felt they could win handily since they were unbeaten and ranked in the top ten (even though they had not played a team with a pulse). That did not work out too well for them. BYE BYE big bowl pay out. A win vs Washington would have given them a win against (at least on paper) a quality team and some reasonable cred. Look how much mileage Central Florida got out of beating Auburn. FSU in the Bobby Bowden days would go anywhere to play anyone to get their name out there. Once they got there, they got way more selective, but they had earned that right to do so.


        • bigjohnson1992

          I’d be on the phone with Coastal Carolina today.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Vandy isn’t gonna show on the 19th. They’ve thrown in the towel for 2020. The sec office should acknowledge this obvious fact.

    Though gtu may not be an alternative, Greg Mediocrity’s final task should be to get with the sec office and line up an opponent, preferably a home game. A game against tamu would be fine. Ole Miss or LSU would be good too.

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    • bcdawg97

      LSU would be spicy…

      And actually, didn’t the SEC say that if a game is cancelled, a school could schedule someone else provided it wasn’t a rematch?

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  6. theorginaldawgabides

    What is Georgia Southern or Georgia State doing that day? They’d probably put up more fight than a demoralized Vandy anyway.

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  7. otto1980

    I could see GT being open if Miami was offered a chance to play Cincy. Miami has 1 loss and could be in the playoff if ND gives Clem’s Son a 2nd loss or if an Ohio State somehow drops a game. Depending on what the PAC does their path could be easier but Cincy could be in the way. Granted Cincy is slated to play a championship game on the 19th. Could Miami and Cincy play on the 26th if the playoff committee would adapt.

    The additional hurdle is getting UK, USCe and UF to signoff on UGA getting a exception to play their in state rival. USCe was more vocal that UGA when the in state games were dropped. I could see a lost revenue case or something going to court.

    UGA GT in the regular season is unlikely but in this year who knows….. The media would love a Miami/ND playoff game.


    • otto1980

      On the upside with Cincy and the American Conf Championship game. It looks like Cincy is scheduled to play Tulsa and 12/12 and again in the championship game. If Cincy wins on 12/12 could Tulsa be persuaded to give up the championship game with Miami agreeing to play Cincy on the 19th.



    Vandy has quit…between firing a good good guy and the “woke” move on the kicker…players are bailing.

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  9. Bay Area Dawg

    If Vandy does pullout and our seniors can’t have their senior day I hope Kirby reminds the seniors of each class about this season and we lay down the hammer on the them each year.


  10. uga97

    SEC trying to do everything to ensure all SEC teams play 10 reg season conf games. Acc likely wants to do the same. At our bowl game, we should honor the seniors there to encourage their underclass teammates show up to play and not opt out.

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  11. TN Dawg

    I’d like to play Ole Miss or TA&M.

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  12. morespinners

    For me it is not about a game with Tech or a bowl.
    My complaint is with Florida, Missouri, and Vandy. Perhaps the time has come to ask Vandy to leave the conference, and a replacement made.
    The HC at Vandy lacked leadership as does their AD, a bunch of losers. They have to raid the women’s soccer team to find a kicker. What does that say about a HC? Or their men’s soccer. Damn what a sorry ass program.
    How has UGA gone thru this…for one thing they instituted safe guards like housing. Never tell me how great an academic institution Vandy is…that is a myth.
    And Missouri they are always not a team SEC…always about them.
    Florida….well Florida has Mullen…no more needs to be said.
    It is puzzling how high schools like Norcross, Grayson, and other have managed their players and coaches. HIgh is way more complicated than any college team.
    If Im the AD Id send them a damn bill for the Dawgs time and costs, and copy it to the SEC. He gets a call from the SEC…why didnt the Vandy AD have the leadership or guts to do that…a bunch of pussys.
    Just shut down the programs for 2020 and 2021 because some programs can not handle it.
    Go ask some of these Georgia high school ADs and coaches how they managed it.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      What color is the sky in your world, freak show?


    • They turned to the women’s soccer team because the students were out for Thanksgiving break so it wasn’t really possible to have a tryout. The soccer team just happened to be in town because they had just played the SECCG and that was the easiest way to find a kicker to replace those out due to Covid-19.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        From internal accounts, the punter could’ve handled the kickoffs and kicked it deep, far deeper than she had the ability to do so. So she wasn’t the best option available. Given that, why did Mason do this?

        Let’s be honest, it was and remains a publicity stunt made as a last-ditch attempt to save his job that has actually pissed-off a great many of the Vandy players for obvious reasons (she kicked a squib and ran off the field, meaning she never actually “played” football).

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  13. It looks like Scott Cochran is throwing his hat in the ring at Vandy.


    • rigger92

      OK, the man has paid his dues for sure. But, it takes a lot to manage a top tier program. A “lot” is what it is. The man can motivate and has both Kirby and Nick as firm rec’s. Let him go and do what he thinks he can do. That’s the deal, right? I mean, there are millions thrown around everywhere. The money is stupid.


  14. RangerRuss