SEC Power Poll, Week 11


Welp, the SECCG is lined up.

  1. Alabama.  That 55-17 win was the Tide’s largest margin of victory against LSU since 1925.
  2. Florida.  The Gators kind of farted around with Tennessee all day.
  3. Texas A&M.  Kellen Mond isn’t elite, the Aggies have no deep passing game to speak of, but, oh, that offensive line.
  4. Georgia.  No SEC East title for you this year, Dawgs.
  5. Missouri.  The Tigers are 5-3, despite being underwater in net scoring.  It’s been that kind of year for the SEC.
  6. Auburn.  Honestly, I wish I could drop them further, but the rest of the conference is that mediocre, or worse.
  7. Ole Miss.  Eh, why not.
  8. Kentucky.  Basically wound up beating the teams they were supposed to beat, and lost to everyone else.
  9. Arkansas.  Can’t blame that loss on the officials.  And the Hogs’ reward is being Alabama’s tuneup for the championship game.
  10. LSU.  If your program’s gonna fall off the table for a season, 2020 is a good time for that.
  11. Mississippi State.  If they get somewhat healthy, the Bulldogs finish with Auburn and Missouri.  So I’m saying there’s a chance.
  12. Tennessee.  Six straight losses by double digits, but at least there’s Vanderbilt this week.  At least, the Vols hope there’s Vanderbilt this week.
  13. South Carolina.  Mercifully, the Gamecocks’ season is over.
  14. Vanderbilt.  The ‘Dores are having a December to remember, which they’d like to forget.


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9 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 11

  1. armydawg

    Crappy season, but they’re still my Dawgs win or lose.

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  2. TEXBaller

    MissSt beat LSU….


  3. Remember the Quincy

    I’ve always enjoyed the fact that the headline artwork for this weekly post includes all SEC schools except TAMU and Mizzou. I may be the only person who has ever noticed…



    3 of the top 5 from the East…that’s probably been a while.



    I’d have aTm ahead of UF…cause…F the Gators…among other reasons.

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  6. I’d rank LSU lowers but the basement is so full they can’t get the door open.