As the sphincter tightens

Jeremy Pruitt is handling Tennessee’s worst losing streak in its program’s history just swell, thank you.  Why do you ask?

Third-year Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt had an irritable tone during the postgame media availability, appearing to take issue with a string of the questions asked by reporters.

The second inquiry, about a quarterback competition, seemingly set Pruitt off. Tennessee started freshman Harrison Bailey, who completed 14 of 21 passes for 111 yards (66.7 percent) and one touchdown to zero interceptions but took five sacks, before making a switch to third-year sophomore J.T. Shrout while trailing 31-7 with 11:15 left in the fourth quarter.

“I mean, guys, every week — so y’all won’t have to ever have to ask me this again, OK — every week, we go out there and we see who competes in practice, who does the best job that we feel like affects the guys around him, aight, and we will do that as long as I’m the head football coach here at every position,” Pruitt said. “So you don’t have to ask me ever, ever, ever again.”

That stuff may work for Nick Saban, but not so much for a guy who’s looking up from a deep, deep hole this season.  And if telling reporters they don’t need to ask him a question doesn’t work, there’s always this:

Perhaps the most interesting reaction came on a question about Tennessee’s third-down struggles, going 4 of 15. In the answer, Pruitt dumbed down football to a reporter.

“Well, Blake, I don’t know how much you know about football, but you can play inside man-to-man or you can play outside man-to-man and if they’re running inside breaking routes, you like to play ’em from inside-out,” Pruitt said.

Let’s just say Blake knows enough about football to know that going 4-15 on third down against a Grantham defense is worth a question or two.

Meanwhile, here’s a super vote of confidence for the head coach.

Pruitt’s trying to spin this as something he fully supports, but let’s be real here:  “Due to many hardships and struggles within the program” ain’t exactly a good look.

If you think Greg McGarity’s reaction to the SEC postponing the Vanderbilt game was a little bit over the top, just imagine Pruitt’s reaction to the news that the Vols won’t get to play the ‘Dores this season.  Like I said, I’m kind of looking forward to it.



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  1. practicaldawg

    10-win streak, we hardly knew ye. What a difference a year makes. The glory days of beating a .500 Indiana team by 1 point are but a distant memory in lore of Vol football.

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    • dawg100

      Actually, it was only 8 games, and 4 of those were vs. 2 teams — USC and Mizzou twice each!

      The other 4 were vs UAB, Vandy, KY and Indiana. Not exactly murderers row.


  2. Down Island Way

    During this season of giving, we thank the big urnge peoples for such entertainment, please keep up the chances of doughnut hole phils return to the sidelines….dumpster fire in the making…

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    • Got Cowdog

      The dumpster is already ablaze and appears to be spreading to the landscaping. I wonder what will happen when it gets to the Fulmer shaped propane tank in the corner of the lot…

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      • 79dawg

        I believe the Fulmer-shaped object in the corner is a tank of fire suppressing foam, that will come to the rescue once the Jeremy-conflagration naturally explodes in just a bit….
        (DISCLAIMER: there is only about a 9-months supply of fire suppression foam in the Fulmer-shaped tank….)


        • Got Cowdog

          I like this. Jeremy gets launched from Knoxville on the toe of Phil’s boot, and the hope all vowels will feel with the return of their family sized Nick Saban to set things right will soothe the chronic indigestion that has become ut football like a great big orange Nexium.
          Until it wears off mid September…


          • Down Island Way

            Let them stumble around in the dark for a few years, the powers that be will be forced to move on from doughnut hole phil, it almost feels as though any type of turn around will take 6-8 years…


            • 79dawg

              a few *more years….
              As I (and a few others) mentioned yesterday in the posts regarding South Carolina, “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll” – Pruitt and Muschamp (and whoever ends up replacing them) needed 7-8 years of commitment and buy-in from the fans and admin to really break through the mediocrity and challenge us, Bama and Florida. They are starting from too big a whole, and 3-5 years is simply not enough time to make battleships out of their destroyers…

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  3. Got Cowdog

    I thought (and I’m sure vowelnation did as well) their program had hit bottom when they fired Booch.

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  4. lvilledawg

    I sure hope that the great pumpkin has the heart to keep Pruitt around….


  5. Biggen

    Is opting out, in this sense, going to the League? Or is opting out, as it is used here, quitting on the year and coming back next year?

    Once Covid is over, will opting out and coming back the next year still be a thing? As in, will it be tolerated? How can you be allowed to quit on your team whenever you want, keep a scholarship, and then com back when the time suits you?

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    • Once Covid is over, will opting out and coming back the next year still be a thing?

      I strongly doubt it. Since there won’t be a free pass on eligibility, it wouldn’t be in either the player’s or the team’s interest to opt out like this year.

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      • Biggen

        Redshirt rules do make it interesting though. D’eriq King is the only one off the top of my head I can remember that used the redshirt rule as an excuse to quit on his team during a year while “claiming” he was coming back to Houston. Of course we know how it ended up.


    • Anon

      Sorry to break it to you. But COVID ain’t getting over.


  6. By all accounts, the coaching staff in Knoxville had major divisions with groups not speaking to each other.

    Hard to believe from a program lead by Jeremy Pruitt, I know.

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  7. David D

    The Peter Principle is in danger of being renamed The Pruitt Principle.

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  8. stoopnagle

    Leave him in! Take him out! Leave him in! Take him out! Leave him in! Take him out!

    Either way: Georgia wins!

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  9. californiadawg

    UT tried the UGA playbook only to realize coaches like Kirby are the exception, not the rule. Pruitt wasn’t ready for a big time HC gig, that much is obvious. What’s a little worrisome is that UT isn’t without talent. They’re one Hugh Freeze hire and a grad transfer QB away from being a pain in our ass the next couple of seasons.


  10. RC

    I do hope that Cade Mays has enjoyed the fruits of his decision to transfer.

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  11. 3rdandGrantham

    I said when Pruitt was hired that he would ultimately fail at Tennessee, sooner than later. Simply put, he doesn’t have the overall maturity and emotional intelligence to handle a head coaching job like that. Thus, they had all sorts of dysfunction within the coaching ranks alone this year, including the defensive line coach being fired just a few games into the season, with most of the rest of the coaches clamoring to leave at the end of this year.

    Either way, UT will continue to be a disaster of a program. The fact that they have a losing record in the SEC since winning the championship back in ’98 tells you all you need to know.

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  12. armydawg

    If Mushmouth gets canned he’ll land easy back at Bama with a mattress stuffed with Ben Franklins. Some are not meant to be head coaches: i.e. Pruitt, Muschamp & Bobo. Great coordinators, but not CEO’s. Now that McGoofus is gone Bobo may come back to the Red & Black as an analyst

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  13. suitejesus

    Big asparagus may be getting a new spokesman/ spokesmodel soon ?

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