The door, she revolves.

Two of Georgia’s receivers are about to hit the transfer trail.

Dawgs247 has learned that a pair of Georgia wideouts are seeking a transfer. Trey Blount, a redshirt junior from Atlanta, and Makiya Tongue, a redshirt freshman from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, both intend to transfer according to persons with knowledge of the situation. As of early Monday afternoon, neither have entered their name into the NCAA’s Student-Athlete Transfer portal but it’s expected to happen in the near future.

Baton Rouge, you say?  Ummm… what a coincidence that this news made a buzz on social media last night.

LSU tight end Arik Gilbert is considering leaving LSU and missed Monday’s practice, sources told Geaux247. Head coach Ed Orgeron and his staff are fighting to keep the talented five-star prospect from the 2020 class, but Gilbert is homesick and is likely returning home to the state of Georgia for the remainder of the semester, sources said.

The true freshman is LSU’s leading active pass catcher with Terrace Marshall Jr. forgoing his eligibility to prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft. On the season, the Marietta, Ga. native and 2020 National High School Gatorade Player of the Year has caught 35 balls for 368 yards and two scores.

Tongue for Gilbert, and everybody gets to go home.  Sounds like a fair swap, if you ask me, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  Which isn’t to say Kirby ain’t on the mother…


UPDATE:  Potential glee aside, this is very good stuff from LSU’s punter.

He’s a teenager, hundreds of miles away from his parents and high school buddies, with no way to reach them because of a pandemic.  How well would you handle that?



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21 responses to “The door, she revolves.

  1. RangerRuss

    Come on home, Arik. We’ve got tomato based BBQ sauce on hickory smoked pork shoulder instead of that freaky Tasso. Wink.
    Bring your 5 star friends.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, but another tight end that we don’t use?


  3. Ran A

    Wishing the kids well; but we would take that trade all day long


  4. armydawg

    I’m betting that our aerial performance at Mizzou might tip the scales in our favor if JT goes off again.


  5. gotthepicture

    Arik would be a huge get. I was surprised to see Tongue looking. He’s young and how hard could it be to jump Landers and Bush on the chart? When I saw Blount’s name, my first thought was, “isn’t this his last year? He’s been around forever.” But thanks to COVID he actually has 2 more years.


  6. Teacher Martin

    I would say If he goes anywhere it will be Clemson.


  7. TEXBaller

    Rumor is that Cortez Hankton is hitting the transfer portal…, nevermid……

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Gilbert could go straight to the Falcons. He’s far better than what they’ve got.

    Or he could come to Athens and block for the next couple years. And Sinclair would get him in terrific shape for the nfl, if he isn’t already.


  9. Derek

    I coveted Arik….

    I hope he comes home. Dude is a BEAST!!

    Btw, thanks again guys for booing the team during Arik’s visit. Can’t imagine why BR in 2019 seemed like a better spot to be….Dumb asses….

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    • 123 Fake St

      The fans booed the play calling from the coaches. Not the team.

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      • TEXBaller

        Truth be told, Arik booed them too!

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      • Derek

        And had they booed the concessionaires what the fuck difference does it make?

        The point is that a kid on his visit doesn’t think booing anyone except the away team is a good thing. Sends the wrong message.

        If you went for a job interview and someone burst in the bosses office and announced what a terrible, horrible dumb fuck he/she was, do ya keep looking or do you say “when do i start?!?!”

        Fans should stfu or cheer. Easy. Why fuck up our recruiting because you’re stupid?

        Or better yet, go be falcons fan and boo until the world knows you’re genius football fan. You get a prize for it I’m sure.


  10. The revolving door(and recruiting) of Alabama, minus the trophy case.

    That hurt.


  11. This is how the sausage is made…some gotta leave so we can make room for the new 85…say what you want but Kirby plays 3 dimensional chess when it comes to roster management…can’t make everyone happy all the time, but man is the cupboard pretty well stocked…hopefully we can welcome back Gilbert to the state of GA…he would make a DGD…I cannot remember a coaching staff at UGA that had an overall deeper roster than what CKS has brought to Athens…now we just need trophies 🏆

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  12. Russ

    Everyone is different, but my teenager, a thousand miles from home and not knowing a soul loved being at college. Maybe she just wanted out of the house? 😉


    • classiccitycanine

      I imagine it would be less enjoyable if you had to stay in a bubble all the time.


      • Russ

        No doubt. She had to keep to a small group as well, but it was her decision more than having multiple coaches running after her all the time. Her school did a good job at controlling infections. But like I said, everyone is different. I’m not sure I would have been as flexible, and I’d hate to be in college this year.

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