Episode #2841, when they say it’s about the money…

Pundit, please.

But now, here we are once again in college athletics at the intersection of commerce and integrity. Ohio State is probably in the CFP regardless as long as it stays undefeated, but just to make sure, it would be nice if they got there as Big Ten champions. The Big Ten Championship Game is Dec. 19. The CFP’s Selection Sunday is a day later.

In good faith, the Big Ten decided in September to protect the integrity of its championship game by requiring the participants play at least six of their eight scheduled games. The league’s athletic directors, coaches and presidents decided unanimously on that point, sources told CBS Sports.

Now the athletic directors face the prospect of contemplating whether to rescind that requirement in the name of … what, exactly? Money, for sure. Ohio State would have a smoother path to the playoff and a payday for the Big Ten by winning the conference title.

We’re really going to try this again?  In a season that exists because the conferences need the money?

Perhaps Dennis Dodd needs to have a chat with Mike Krzyzewski.


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13 responses to “Episode #2841, when they say it’s about the money…

  1. I’m only planning to watch the CFP if Alabama plays Notre Dame because I want to see the Irish get totally exposed as the frauds they are this year. They got their luck of the Irish when Sunshine didn’t play. I don’t think they’ll be that fortunate in a couple of weeks in Charlotte. If they are the #4 seed, Bama will run through them like $#!+ through a goose in New Orleans.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The money grubbers have gone the extra mile to debase and sully college football this year.

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    • Down Island Way

      Count on the big (whatever conference) to lower their own low standard of qualification…knowing Agent Herbstreit as i don’t, he will be on this one with both sides of his mouth moving…


  3. Ran A

    Big 10 leadership should put out a book. “How not to run a conference during a pandemic”. Read this and do the opposite and you’ll be just find.

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  4. Greg

    Bet Baylor (’14) will be watching with interest….


  5. CB

    Objectively if Georgia was in Ohio State’s situation (which is through no fault of their own I might add) this entire comment section would be retching to burn it all to the ground.

    That said I don’t really care if the B1G alters criteria midseason to get one of the clear best teams in the country into the playoff. Hell, I wish they’d alter the game schedule and let them come to Athens.

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    • Ran A

      Completely agree. I could care less; but have been amused how “the smartest conference in the country” has so badly mismanaged this entire situation from the very beginning.


    • stoopnagle

      I mean, ESPN or CBS should come up with some cash. I hear Texas A&M is free this Saturday. That game could settle a lot of doubt.

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  6. Russ

    But I heard Herbie say that no way should aOSU get a playoff bid if they only play 5 games!

    I’m sure he’s forgotten that, BTW.


  7. How they’ll get Indiana to sit idly by and miss out on all that cash will be interesting. Kudos to Hatbaugh and Big Blue for trying to tank tOSU the only way they could.