It’s cute that they care.

Shot ($$).

The question was about whether transfers should be able to play immediately at their new school, a subject where Smart is aware that coaches are often on the minority side of public opinion.

“Do you want an honest answer on that?” Smart said. “I can give you the stock answer, which is indifferent. But as every coach in the SEC wouldn’t admit, it’s based on who they can get with how they want that rule.”

If it can benefit your team, in other words, you want transfers to be able to play right away. If it can benefit your opponent, you don’t want it. Got it.

“It’s a selfish world out there and every guy is trying to do what gives his team the best chance to win,” Smart said.


Barners, man.


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16 responses to “It’s cute that they care.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well. Isn’t he angry.


  2. gotthepicture

    Struggling to see the point of the chaser. I mean, Kirby was more honest than 95% of the coaches or athletic personnel you will find and then there is a throw away tweet from what seems to be a biased and useless POS. I guess it kinda makes fun of an Auburn fan but feels more like using OANN as a source.


    • “If it can benefit your team, in other words, you want transfers to be able to play right away. If it can benefit your opponent, you don’t want it. Got it.”

      Didn’t realize I was being so subtle. 😉


  3. Down Island Way

    Bagman $ay$ “dirty deed$ done dirt cheap”….acro$$ $tate line$

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  4. mddawg

    I’m gonna confess my ignorance here and admit that I have no idea who Josh Black is.

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  5. Ran A

    That is a salty group these days. When they were beating us more than we were beating them, they were the nicest people you would ever run across. Always wanted to talk about the ties between the schools, etc.

    But now that Georgia has won 10 out of the last 14… The school with the bought and paid for Natty constantly accuses UGA of cheating… Bama cheats… LSU cheats… But Auburn? Pure is a fresh snow on Christmas Day.

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    • Reminds me of walking out of Neyland(’05) and dealing with this mouthy Tennessee fan. He went on about how it used to be fun playing Georgia and I replied sure it’s fun when you usually win.


  6. Raleighwood Dawg

    Off-topic, but speaking of Chasers … “Waffle House Gets an Official, Bacon-Scented Beer”


  7. Scotty King

    Why would Arik want to come here?

    We haven’t used Darnell much – I don’t think we’ve tried a red zone pass where he could use his height. I’m afraid Darnell will look for greener pastures. I hope those pastures aren’t replacing Kyle Pitts.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. We have 2 fine TEs in McKitty and DWash now, but you’d never know it considering they rarely get a pass their way.


  8. bigjohnson1992

    Pretty sure Kirby has bigger things on his mind right now than actively trying to seduce a tight end away for his current school, TEs aren’t exactly our bread and butter.