JT Daniels calls it the PRO.

This is a pretty good story.

The next week the Bulldogs mostly kept the ball on the ground to pound South Carolina. Daniels attempted only 16 passes with 10 completions, including touchdowns of 40 and 31 yards. That was not a function of Daniels picking pass on run-pass options, coach Kirby Smart said, because coordinator Todd Monken didn’t often give the QB a choice.

“You don’t have to throw the ‘RPO’ because there are bad things that can happen, balls batted and things like that, and you could have had five yards on a run,” Smart said. “You have to weigh out what your success ratio is (running) on extra (defenders) in the box versus throwing the ball. If you give JT the choice every time, he’s going to probably pull it and throw it.”

Shooter’s gonna shoot, brother.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “there are bad things that can happen”. I hope Monken’s inner Woody Hayes isn’t struggling to come out. “There are three things that can happen to a pass and two of them are bad.”


  2. mddawg

    His “bad things can happen” comment is more concerning to me than some of the other quotes that have been mentioned here recently. But the rest of the quote reinforces what I already believed: that he’s more concerned with success ratio than balance. We didn’t keep running the ball against SC because Kirby was trying to prove some point about manball. We did it because it was working.

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    • I think all Kirby’s saying there is that if the defense will give you easy yards on the less risky choice, take the less risky choice.


      • Granthams Replacement

        I think Kirby told us why JT didn’t play until game 7.


      • Ozam

        …and that’s the thing that has most UGA fan’s concerned about Kirby. We can debate all day whether passing is more or less risky than running the football; however, it is clear that passing to create explosive plays is an absolute requirement to score a sufficient number of points to beat elite teams in today’s game! Clemson, AL, Ohio State, etc. are going to throw the ball 30+ times whether they are playing a top 10 team or Sisters of the Poor. And, they are not going to stop passing simply because they have a three touchdown lead. It is a mindset not an option.

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      • bigjohnson1992

        Or you just put the petal to the metal, break their spirt by halftime, and hang half a hundred on em. Just my .02. YMMV.


  3. Greg

    Pass, run, option??….see what U did there.


  4. stoopnagle

    That’s Stafford-esque and I love it.


  5. I disagree with much of this article.
    For example:
    “There was his ill-fated call to play experienced and steady Jake Fromm over young and dynamic Justin Fields. Smart also left Daniels on the bench as two other QBs struggled this season.” I think Daniels played when he proved he was better in practice. Had Bennett not have started pressing, which led to mistakes, in the second half of the AL game it might have all been different. I’m not saying that Daniels doesn’t throw the ball better just that it wasn’t a mistake to not play him before he was ready and I’m going to take the word of someone who’s lively hood is on the line before some no it all reporter.

    “They lost to Alabama, which unfortunately for UGA discovered its full big-play capabilities when Tua Tagovailoa came on in relief.” Again this didn’t happen because Tua was a savior but because our defense blew the coverage. If the pass was incomplete or intercepted this guy would not be saying this even though 99.99% of the material facts would be identical.

    The offensive options are what can the offense execute well versus what is the defense giving or not giving? To think that it is mostly what some coach wants to do (obviously certain situations may dictate what they need to do) instead of what is most effective is preposterous.