Et tu, Junior?

Honestly, this is almost cruel.



UPDATE:  This, on the other hand, is flat out hilarious.

If Tennessee winds up playing in a bowl game this season, its football staff won’t collect bonuses off the appearance.

Tennessee’s nine football assistants and its strength coach signed contract amendments this week to waive any bowl bonus for this season that their contracts otherwise would entitle them to receive.

Knox News obtained the contract amendments via a public records request.

By those 10 staffers waiving a bowl bonus, the athletic department will save $324,870.

Coach Jeremy Pruitt also will not receive a bowl bonus this season under the teams of the contract extension he received in September.

300 grand will buy a lot of cupcakes.


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20 responses to “Et tu, Junior?

    • aucarson

      An urnge paint job would make that gif perfect.

      Since 2012, Auburnfan has survived by saying “At least we’re not UT.”


  1. Seinfeld-that’s a shame.gif here

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  2. stoopnagle

    Woo boy hi dee we is a long way from “8WINSINAROW!” “LONGEST WINNIN’ STREAK IN COUNTRY, PAWL” and “NUMBER TOO IN ‘CROOTIN’ RANKIN'”

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  3. Biggen

    The Vols are taking a beating on the recruiting trail and with their current roster with all the players quitting and heading to the draft or simply transferring. Next year it won’t be any better for Pruitt and he is finally shown the door. It’s like shooting a wounded animal at this point. If your’re a UT fan, it needs to happen sooner than later.

    If he loses to Vandy this weekend he probably won’t make it back to Knoxville with his job intact.

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  4. Godawg

    Talk about throwing another tire in the dumpster…


    • Down Island Way

      Should Vandy prevail in said contest, will doughnut hole phil issue a pink slip to the hc while he’s waiting on the tarmac or bus station (which ever)….#bigurngedumpsterfire….

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  5. Seeing the Tennessee coaches’ bonuses wiped out reminded me of all those fakakta bonuses Randy Edsall got squeezed into his contract at UConn. If there’s a bonus in there for going undefeated, there are gonna be some awesome presents under the Edsall family Christmas tree!


  6. Texas Dawg

    I’m sure another contract extension will fix the problems up there

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  7. jdawg108

    Nah, just one. And Tennessee will probably lose to them.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    A 2-6 team in a bowl game?! At long last, have you no sense of decency bowl committees?

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    • Russ

      Yeah, I don’t really get it. I guess it’s for TV but it seems like there would be enough teams with decent records (meaning non-losing) to fill up the bowls. They aren’t worried about traveling fans this post season.

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      • akascuba

        If most bowl games for player safety include limited special events for the and restrictions on family. Once your there on virus restrictions for a game who’s sole purpose is to generate money you won’t get a penny of for others.
        I can see a lot of players thinking why should I go. I’ll stay home with family and friends. I expect lots of players to opt out. Boston College probably won’t be the last team to pass on bowl season either.

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    • PTC DAWG

      NCAA waived win requirement early this season…if not before.


  9. Greg

    The curse of Johnny Majors…..


  10. sniffer

    Well, yeah, Wolfe would go to OM. He probably went to Knoxville when the recruiting hostess’s were particularly pretty. Now that he’s seen Oxford, Lulu don’t look so perty

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  11. theorginaldawgabides

    You mean donuts. With Phat Phil, it’s always donuts.

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  12. ‘300 grand will buy a lot of cupcakes.”
    Yep. But for TN real cupcakes are getting harder to find.


  13. Russ

    I just learned those North Avenue nerds are so smart they knew they were going to have COVID issues 8 days from now, so they preemptively cancelled their game with #10 Miami on Dec 19. I’m sure it had nothing to do with them most likely getting their asses kicked. LOL


  14. CB

    Tennessee is just two blue chip decommits away from fulfilling my July prophecy of five 4-5 star decommits and their class dropping out of the top 10 by the December signing day.