Best trivia question ever?

What (okay, to be more precise, whom) do these two monuments to stupidity have in common?

There was, of course, one major, catastrophic defensive lapse. ($$) One for the ages, in fact. But it’s unlikely that Grantham ever spent time warning players about the perils of chucking an opponent’s shoe 20 yards after a tackle.

Quite the resume for coaching them up you got there, Todd.


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  1. Also, this …

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  2. chicagodawgfan

    Grantham better have an actual job offer in hand when he pulls his annual “interest from others”, time to renegotiate my contract shenanigans.

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    • Russ

      I’m afraid it won’t matter after Bama gets through with that defense. Side Show Dan will finally fire him, which is a real shame. I’d love to see what JT could do on 3rd downs against Grantham next season.

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  3. Ozam

    Normally when one of our coaches get hired away it is disappointing, but when Louisville hired Grantham I celebrated!

    Speaking of trivia, a question that was being bantered around this week was… When was the last time the Dawgs played a game in the snow? My peer group goes back close to 50 years and none of us could remember such a game.

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  4. fisheriesdawg

    Has there ever been a more fantastic ending to a football game that didn’t involve Georgia? I mean, obviously the 2018 Rose Bowl blows this out of the water, but the number of mistakes Florida made to choke away their slim playoff chances in this one was phenomenal.

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  5. Derek

    If I understand it correctly, if ND beats Clemson we’ll play Clemson in Miami, right?

    Frankly, the acccg should be an elimination game and A&M should get in regardless so we should play the acccg loser in miami, but I understand most people think nd can lose and stick in the playoffs.

    I guess there’s also the chance the osu gets left out and a&m goes in and we get mack brown in miami.

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    • Won’t the Cotton Bowl want A&M to play the Big 12 champion? I think the Orange may take us if they don’t want Florida in back to back years.


      • Derek

        They were posting the “rules” during the miami/nc game and it said that the highest ranked non-playoff team from the acc and sec gets in the orange bowl. As i read that A&M is either in miami or the playoffs.


    • Greg

      Certainly don’t want to see A&M in there. They had their chance and got beat by a better team….don’t want to see it again, already know who the better team is..

      Make it interesting and put Cincinnati in there…

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      • Derek

        I could give a rats ass about A&M. I’m thinking about us. I’d rather play Clemson/ND/UNC in Miami than Cincinnati in Atlanta.

        That is all.

        I do think A&M should get in over OSU or the ACC runner up. Their only loss is to the number 1 (by far) team and they beat the sec east rep.

        Besides any potential acc opp is someone we recruit against. We know fight for prospects with cincy.

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  6. mg4life0331

    When he threw the shoe he tasted de feet.


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  7. MagnusDawgus

    The first thing I thought of when I saw that last night was poor Rico McGraw running out on the field with no helmet on after we scored against UT with 10 seconds left in 2016. Of course, that boneheaded mistake cost us 15 yards and set up Tennessee perfectly for the final Hail Mary.

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    • Russ

      Bullshit call then and still a bullshit call now. Happens every week at the end of a game with no call. More SEC referee incompetence.


    • Got Cowdog

      Rico was a happy dawg, his mistake was exuberance. I can forgive that.
      Picking up the dude’s shoe and throwing it reminds me of the neighborhood bully taking your shoe on the playground and throwing it.
      It was a low character dick move.


  8. ASEF

    At least the shoe made everyone forget about DL guys running on and off the field looking confused, forcing Florida to burn a time out at one point, and still being confused about personnel coming out of the time out.

    418 yards to an offense fielding a true freshman in his first start and every 1st string receiving target sitting at home. And two starting OL going out during the game.


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  9. I’ve been thinking all morning that this is almost as good as “FOUR WHOLE DAYS.” Almost.

    The players and coaches at UF may change but their arrogance eventually tripping them up never does.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I don’t know if y’all have visited Alligator Alley this afternoon, but it. Is. GLORIOUS!!!

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  11. bigjohnson1992

    Can’t blame the shoe on grantham. Gators played sloppy in all phases. Dared LSU to beat em. And well…….