Booch is back, baby!

I have no opinion on the hire beyond the usual appreciation for blogging manna, except I’ve got to say this is some impressive shade thrown by Arkansas State:

“Back-to-back nine win seasons”.  These are truly the golden years for Tennessee football.


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4 responses to “Booch is back, baby!

  1. RangerRuss

    That’s right, vols. Keep your standards low enough and you’ll rarely be disappointed.


  2. Whiskey Dawg

    This morning I just texted, “Booch to Ark St!” to my Vol relatives. I received an avalanche of four letter word filled rants in return. It’s so easy to trigger them that it isn’t even fun anymore……..I joke, it’s still a hell of a lot of fun!


  3. armydawg

    Sgt Carter, “champion of life”.


  4. Down Island Way

    Booch, brings not only FBS coaching…car washing skills, seegar lighting talents and the ability to take the bosses pooch to get the nails clipped…