Enemy of the people

The Pirate gets testy at last night’s presser.


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  1. D as in Dawg

    Dude is entertaining if nothing else.

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  2. gastr1

    240 total yards.


  3. W

    Offense regressing or not, that’s a helluva’n aggressive question to ask. How about just “where do you think the offense is right now?”

    I think the kid wanted to start some shit with the big man for attention. Not good reporting imo.



    A hole making millions vs a dude trying to make a buck.


  5. classiccitycanine

    I thought he’d have his work cut out for him to succeed with the Air Raid in the SEC, and it looks like I was right. Maybe he’ll get better when he has his players, but he’s playing against a higher caliber of athlete week in and week out than he was at Texas Tech and Wash St.


  6. ASEF

    Color analyst last night during AU-MSU game:

    “This game fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.”

    Mike’s lucky the questions aren’t tougher. He did a shit job this year. One of the worst I’ve seen out of MSU since Croom was running that operation.


  7. Qoach gonna qoach. This dude sucks, he’s just convinced people that he doesn’t.


  8. I feel like nationally we’ve got the biggest crop of dopes in history. Just look at the SEC alone. Between HCs and ADs, there’s just about no job by comparison you can fall upwards for so much money.

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  9. stoopnagle

    Sign on for big bucks and fame and guess what? You get scrutiny. You get hard questions.

    Answer them like that and you won’t be long for the fat checks.


  10. gurkhadawg

    Sooooo… How do you think Kirby would have responded if asked that question after the FU game?


  11. bigjohnson1992

    I think he’ll be ok. 7/8 wins per year. Entertaining guy. What does Miss state want? Or think they deserve?