The Gus Bus is headed to the junkyard.

Whoa, Nellie.

And to think Bo Nix was just about to turn the corner.


UPDATE:   Double whammy.



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71 responses to “The Gus Bus is headed to the junkyard.

  1. sniffer


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  2. Biggen

    Damn. I hope this is wrong.


  3. Wow! Covid season really turned into to HC turnover season.

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  4. Russ

    Hugh Sleeze, come on down!

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  5. lvilledawg

    I am honestly shocked.


  6. lvilledawg

    Agent Muschamp is available…..

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  7. Greg

    yEiGh!!!…..was gonna say I will start making my Christmas list early.

    But checked their recruiting, they suck there too…

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  8. scott hall

    WHAT???? Gus can’t find any more rabbit feet?

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  9. gastr1

    Wow! After a yuge win over the Pirate, even! With an even yuger buyout, $21.45 million!!! (damn!)

    Say…Booch is gonna need an OC at Arky State, amiright?

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    All I can say is wow, and also, don’t the Barners realize they’re not getting that big fat ESPN/ABC/Disney check for another three years???

    A $21.45M buyout is what they call REAL MONEY. It’s insane to fire him after this season. Just completely, utterly insane.

    And that makes it completely, utterly Auburn.

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  11. Illini84

    Lovie got the axe too.


    • Greg

      He really struggled in college, with the exception of 2 or 3 years….he did in pro also.

      Seemed like a good fellow though, there were a lot of people that liked him.


  12. 86bone

    Fuckin’ A
    It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog!!

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  13. classiccitycanine

    On the one hand I will miss the near-guaranteed wins against a coach who also happens to beat Nick Saban more than anyone (including Kirby). On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy watching turmoil at our rival programs. We’ve gotten a bumper crop of schadenfreude this weekend (not to mention the issues at UT and USCe) so let’s enjoy it while it’s fresh!

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  14. Teacher Martin

    Too bad for UGA.

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  15. Derek

    If saban hires him as analyst I’ll laugh my ass off…

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  16. stoopnagle

    Well, I guess we’re going to see if Sankey still has Freeze blacklisted.

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  17. akascuba

    Well this news sux. Given the history of the series it will be hard to find someone we can kick around like Gus. He will be missed by UGA fans.

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  18. Derek

    Art Briles would be soooo Auburn.

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  19. Fully expected to wait till next year.

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  20. So auburn has to have someone a little sleazy, and also expensive. It also has to be a questionable decision. Need to throw those parameters in the cross reference and see what we get. Kiffen taken. Corch? Oh that’d be hilarious. Think boom is done for good now. But he maybe their DC.


  21. Russ

    Well, we know Liberty has no scruples. Of course they’ll hire Art Briles.

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  22. Will someone hire me to screw up a program for just a measly10M? Boom got to do it 3 times for like 6 times that in total

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  23. CB

    I imagine the boosters a well aware that if not for poor officiating Auburn would be 4-6. That’s best case.

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  24. Liberty University is such a farce.

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  25. Quick…somebody lock Monken in Kirby’s closet!

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    • Teacher Martin

      Hugh Freeze of Kniffin. Auburn always has to have some sleaze around.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Monken does not have the sleaze factor that is required to be the HC of the barners. Freeze and Briles would be perfect fits. I’m sure they already inquired about Petrino’s availability. Another “fits like a glove” coaching match for them.


  26. armydawg

    Well, with Gus gone and a new AD in our house maybe we can get the scheduling back the way it should be.


  27. californiadawg

    Gus is a sleaze but he was better at beating Bama than most other coaches in the SEC, even when he had inferior teams. I mean damn he beat Saban just last season. This seems shortsighted and dumb, even for Barners.


    • junkyardawg41

      Outside of LSU’s season last year, are there are any current coaches in the SEC that have beaten Saban while in the SEC?


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        Nope. Unless Auburn is allowed to hire Freeze, the only coach in the SEC with a win against Saban right now is Coach O.

        Gus owned HALF of the six losses Saban suffered in the SEC while at Bama.

        Gus: 3
        Freeze: 2
        Richt: 1 (Saban’s first year at Bama)
        O: 1

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  28. archiecreek

    Woe Dayum Eagle!

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  29. rigger92

    Can I be the first to punch Howie in the mouth? Please? That dude has rubbed me wrong since the ‘90’s.


  30. winodawg

    Gus belongs next to Reggie Ball in the UGA Hall of Fame.

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  31. Let’s hope they hire someone who matches his success against us, and Bama. I’d take that any day of the week.