A not too shabby statistical note

Would it be rude of me to point out that, as of now, JT Daniels sports a higher passer rating (187.88) than Kyle Trask’s (187.86)?  No, I don’t think so.

In fact, Daniels would rank second in the conference if he had enough appearances to qualify.


UPDATE:  Oh, yeah.  One more thing

Screenshot_2020-12-14 cfbstats com - 2020 National Player Leaders

That’s almost obscene.


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40 responses to “A not too shabby statistical note

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    imagine where we would be if kirby doesn’t pick up JT?

    A B ‘C

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  2. elbertadawg

    And will we ever really know why he didn’t get ready and worked in during the open week prior to Kentucky…………………Oh well………..Wait til next year………The Georgia motto!!!!


  3. mp

    I am wary of 3rd down success. There has to be some reversion to the mean…need to start picking up the 1st down or TD on second downs

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    • gastr1

      Obviously true, but this is still some great play by JT, and great play calling by Monken.

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      • Down Island Way

        When coach says run a designated route with specific yardage as the destination point, 3rd down conversion with a pass completion is what happens…running an eight yard route needing 10 for a first down usually does not get you there…don’t recall if CKS was saying UGA’s “O” does not need 300 yards passing, if the receiver runs a ten yard out route, catches said pass and evades the defender, turns the 10 yard pass into a large gain is not the QB’s fault, shit happens and the yardage adds up due to bad tackling….

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  4. charlottedawg

    JT still doesn’t throw as well as marco wilson, especially on third down


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  5. A TD almost every three attempts on third down. Is that good?


  6. jdawg108

    All defenses are Grantham defenses to JT.

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  7. practicaldawg

    In Fromm’s heyday, he could also throw for a first down on 3rd and 10 pretty reliably. He lost that in 2019, and we now see how big it is to have that back.


  8. practicaldawg

    Also, would it be rude to point out that Justin Fields is 31 on that list in only 2 more games than Daniels and against arguably similar competition?

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  9. Salty Dawg

    This is off topic but SEC Shorts has a great video out about FL being kicked out of the playoff’s house!

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  10. stoopnagle

    Mississippi State, South Carolina, and Missouri. Just keep in mind, we’ve laughed Vol Fan out of the room for more than that.

    Still, very happy to have a quarterback! Ready to see two more games, get my vaccine, and make plans for CLT.

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    • californiadawg

      Miss State and Mizzou both have respectable defenses though. Also if Stetson can drive us to a lead against Bama after a half, I’m pretty sure JT could do better now that the offense has confidence. But still, point taken.


    • Russ

      Any Gulf Coast Dawgs flying from PNS to CLT for that game?


  11. The pressure and expectations that will be on this guy next year…😳


  12. ugafidelis

    JT for Heisman!!

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  13. TripleB

    I almost wish JT would calm down against Vandy, I don’t want him prematurely evacuating……to the NFL.

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  14. So you’re saying we should take a knee on first and second and go straight to third….


  15. MGW

    Whether it’s McGarrity’s last task, or the new guy’s first…. back up the brinks truck and get Monken paid before someone else does, or you have failed very badly. Don’t go hard balling him trying to pretend you’re worried about the stagnant first half of the season. He finally got a healthy D1 QB in the game, and his offense f’n GOES!

    Whatever shady booster handles this kind of thing… if you’re reading this… please go make your deal with JT right now.

    Because if we can keep this band together, the sophomore album is going triple platinum.


  16. jdawg108

    Just overheard someone at the Cobb Aquatic center talking about your blog. Congrats, Senator. You’ve reached the big time now.


  17. rigger92

    This is a fine and good, I want to know if he can do 2nd and 26.


  18. theotherdoug

    Daniels is scoring a TD on 1/3 of his 3rd down attempts. He’s burning teams for playing the 1st down marker and/or the run.

    I need a cold shower.


  19. So our 2ne string QB is ranked higher than 7 other schools QB’s?
    Not to shabby.